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back pain from lifting heavy object

A: He would have to have an MRI of the back to see what is going on, most likely a disc problem, and pinched nerves, he knows this, most likely ..
check in your area and see if there is a spinal decompression clinic with TENS machines becasue that is the best way to treat this and it gets rid of the pain… there is also a hand held tens machine one can get from dr ho chiropractic doc in canada

Q: Pain from back of head to upper neck going to shoulders.?
I got a strange pain pain in the back of my neck area that makes me think it could be nerve trouble but it also dosent. Few questions first are there muscles in the back of the lower/mid head (not neck). But the pain fells like it could be from lifting heavy objects strecing the muscles. I dont think its nerves cause when i bang it the pain goes away for a short time making me think it is muscles losseing and the pain dosent go down the spine,
I have alot of sugar in my diet and i think it could be from getting that “high” and craving it agian.
15 years old.

A: Ok, the most common cause for this type of pain is due to a misalignment in your head and neck. The muscles that attach at the base of your neck also go all the way down into your shoulders (These are called the sub-occipital muscles). When your head and neck are misaligned, your head will be tilted slightly and this will cause a stretch on the muscles, causing the pain you are describing.

I would recommend that you see a chiropractor. They should be able to correct what is causing this problem.

I wish you the best

Q: Lower Back Pains In Children, following heavy lifting.?
I am 15 years old and I have had lower back pains for about 8-10 months, it started when i lifted a very heavy object with a bent back and was swivelling from side to side with it. Since then it seems to have only got worse, i cant stand up for too long because my back aches, sometimes when i bend forward slightly i get severe lower back pain and my back even aches when im stitting down. My doctor cant work out what it is, i have had blood tests for abnormalities in the blood but the results came back fine. so i was wondering if anyone could help me!!!!
my urine is fine, no fevers and i would say i drink enough water…
thanks a lot for all the responses so far!

A: hmm odd, kidney stones cause sever back pain..have you observed your urine? see some faint red in it? any fevers? do you drink sufficient amount of water?

Q: Chronic back pain in the middle and lower back. Anything I can do??
I’m 17 now and ive had a constant dull ache in my mid and lower back for the last 2 years. The pain seems to come from the muscles right next to the spine.

It’s just a little sore in the morning but progressively gets worse throughout the day. Standing around for more than an hour causes the worst pain. Usually sitting doesn’t help unless i sit completely straight against a soft back. Sitting in school for 6 hours with rock hard chairs is usually a killer.

Usually physical activity like running doesn’t bother it and sometimes makes it feel better. Lifting heavy objects doesn’t bother it at all either. I try to run regularly as it helps with the pain.

I’ve been to physical therapy for back exercises and electric therapy but those have only temporarily stopped the pain for a day or two. Is there anything else i can do? Would seeing a doctor help?

A: I recognize your symptoms and I would almost bet that you have a herniated or buldging disc in your lower lumbar region, probably around L4 or L5. Most times this cannot be
determined with just a X Ray, you will need a MRI. My advice is to not put it off too long because the likelyhood of it healing itself with out the right instruction and/or medication is not great. If taken care of early enough, you can avoid many more issues such as nerve damage, sciatica or simply chronic back pain.
Hope this helps, Good Luck to you.

Q: I HAVE BACK STIFFNESS … and it has been 3 days now.. it comes and goes it is so annyoing… no major pain th?
i have back stiffness it comes and goes for 3 days now… IS THIS FROM STRESS OR WHAT. I AM NOT SURE WHAT CAUSED IT.??? they say stress can do it .. or lifting a heavy object… but would i not be in pain if i lifted something heavy??? this is just like tightness i never had this before??? it is 3 days now… and motrin aint helping… i am in no major pain just my back tends to tighten up when i sit for long periods of time like when i finish driving for 40 min or something? THEY SAY IT TAKES A WEEK ON YAHOO ANSWERS TO FADE AWAY… BUT I AM HOPING IT DOES BECAUSE IT IS SO ANNOYING… and after a week if it dont go away to see physical therapy.. but i dont have the money or insurance right now so that will be my last option. I HOPE YOU GUYS CAN GIVE ME IDEAS AND HELP… and i never had physical therapy … and if i do go how long will it be until they give me special excercises to perform for it to go away.. i mean how long i need therapy for.. it is not bad stiffness just stiff and stays that way for a while.. thankss

A: I feel you man i in the situation with money problems but a simple way could be using tyonol well that is temperance relief but remember Obama is changing health care for all of te USA soon it will be free and when it is all of us will get equal health care. Well any way tyonel would be good if its still not working a doctor might have to be an option

good luck

Q: 14 year old with back pain?
I first experianced back pain when i was in a soccer game (competitive) and went up for a header, and a girl sprinted up and threw herself into me from behind. this must have been at least 2 or three years ago. within a few minutes at least ( it might have been right away, i dont know) i got a terrible pain in my lower back that made it very hard to move it hurt so badly. I am fairly tolerent of pain, like playing with turf toe for 6 months without complaint, tendenitis without PT, etc. But this was definitely the worst pain i had ever felt. I completed the game, naturally, but imediately went to my dad and got an ice pack and Anti-inflammatory. the pain didnt really decrease.

i had 1 or 2 instances within the year where the same sudden pain would come in the same spot. things like lifting heavy objects improperly will make the pain come back the worst, where i have to lay down and not move my left leg for at least half an hour to an hour.

Things like sitting in class for too long or walking too long or standing too long make the pain come back faintly and it makes me anxious.

Also, after playing for 90 minutes yesterday, i have that faint pain a little worse than usual, like i feel it across my entire lower back almost just bending down.

when the pain is at its worst, it seems to shoot down my leg, if that is useful information in this instance.

Also, i was thought to have spina bifida before i was born, but they found something wrong with my mother instead.. ?

Also, i think the pain is in my lower spine?

and finally, please dont answer this unless your a doctor, i really need to know what this is. i dont wanna go out on the field and out of no where stop moving. That would destroy my soccer career for sure.
thank you for reading all of this(:

A: I am not a Doctor but have suffered lower back pain for years. No one will be able to answer your questions except your family doctor after having scans on your lower back done.

Go to your Doctor and have him/her send you for a CT or MRI scan.
The wrong type of treatment or exercises can do more damage than good and you need to have your back properly diagnosed prior to ANY treatment.
Again you do need to have a CT / MRI scan or such done before allowing ANYONE to touch your back.

Get a professional opinion from the radiologist doing the scan in his report to your doctor and then go from there.

In the meantime try this forum:…
I certainly found it helpful and you can stay anonymous

Q: Boyfriend has horrible pain in hip towards groin area, pain worse when lifting leg, limited motion?
My boyfriend started experiencing a little pain in his hip towards his groin yesterday. He is a mechanic and he does lift heavy objects almost all day long and does a lot of repetitive motions all day.
His pain kept increasing last night to the point where he only had 1 hour sleep. I advised for him to go to the ER but he is stubborn. He indicated that the area is NOT swollen, bruised or red. Pain increases when he lifts his right leg. Pain is only on the right side and does not radiate to any other part of his back or leg. He indicated that he feels that the pain does not feel like a muscle but pain feels similar to rubbing bone on bone. He has been known to have arthritis in his shoulder, but I am not sure if this could be effecting his hip? Can arthritis spread from a shoulder to a hip? He had shoulder impingement syndrome and had to have surgery. He is also 27 years old. He rated his pain as a 7 or 8 out of 10 (w/ 10 being highest)
He is too stubborn to go to the ER so I am looking for any suggestions at all!!! Should he ice it when he gets home from work? He is even too stubborn to take off work for the day. Thanks in advance.
I forgot to mention that my boyfriend can only lift his right leg about a few inches off of the ground (limited motion).

A: Could be a trapped nerve, if so it wont go away without proper treatment. Go see a Doc asap

Q: Back ache/pain, will it stay forever?
Hi i am 16 years old and a guy and I am experiencing back pains/aches I think this is due from an incorrect lifting technique I have never had back pains/aches before and they just started coming on a few days ago so what I want to know is will it heal or not and if it does heal then will it come back even if I don’t lift heavy objects anymore and be careful, also if it does heal and fully revover then how long should i expect to have to wait?

A: It’s hard to say how long they will last depending on what happened. If it’s muscle related, it could be a few days. If you tweaked a nerve or something, could be a couple weeks. Be sure to watch your form when lifting. In the mean time, to help with the pain, you could try a heat/cold therapy solution. If it feels like the muscles, use heat, if it feels like the spine/nerves, use cold. I’m attaching a link below so you can check out some of the benefits of both.

Try doing some stretches as well, it might loosen things up back there.

Q: Teen girl with extreme lower back pain?
I’m 15, and i’ve been experiencing extremely lower back pain. The pain is across, from side to side, in line with my hips. These pains usually happen once every 1-2 weeks, and lasts 2-5 hours. Heat does not help, ice does not help, and pain killers do not help. It gets triggered when i sleep on a hard bed, on a couch, if i lift heavy objects, bend in any way. But it mostly just comes at random. When I get it, no matter what position I change to : sitting down, laying on my side, back, pillow between my knees, standing up, etc. It does not help.
These pains have been going on for about a year.

Also, I’ve been diagnosed with a mild case of scoliosis, but the doctor said it shouldn’t cause this kind of pain.
I’ve went to another doctor, and they said it’s normal, and it’s my period. I haven’t started my period yet. I don’t know any other girls who have endured this pain.

A: this may sound wierd but i have the exact same problem as you.EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

im getting x-rays and possibily surgery.

Q: Chronic low back pain…Bowen technique or Pilates?
I’ve injured my back 3yrs ago while lifting a heavy object in a wrong position. I felt a “tick” sound on my back and sudden pain and radiates into my lower legs (sometimes on the right & sometimes on the left leg). I received several physiotherapy treatment and somehow it was relieved.But there are times that it’s really painful and I can’t work properly. I’ve decided to have an MRI just to know if I have herniated disc, spinal stenosis, disc bulge, etc. but the result is NORMAL (at least its normal). maybe the problem is only muscle in origin. pain increases during prolong standing and sitting. I’m really desperate to find some good treatments for my back. I know physiotherapy can help BUT only temporary and also my pain is chronic that’s why I’m searching for other treatment options and I discover that pilates is good to relieve back pains & I’ve decided to enroll in pilates but while searching the internet I found this Bowen technique and many people also benefit from this holistic approach. Now I’m confused which of these two will be good for me and will benefit me. HELP!!!

any bowen therapist here in Philippines? particularly in Quezon city area.

A: Angel,

I’d recommend neither. Chiropractic instead.

Physiotherapy is not necessarily temporary. It should by all means be permanent muscle increases and would probably only be temporary if you were to not keep the muscles in decent condition.

You can always try the following to help realign:

Straighten out the neck by moving the head back (not tilting it back) and making a double chin and get that to be the standard position. Do this 10 times per day in and out. (my wife calls it vulturing)

Straighten the back by rolling your shoulders all the way forward around and back and leaving them there. This strengthens the core muscles and so does sucking in the stomach and holding for 15s. Do both of these 10 times per day.

Avoid situations where you have to look past your feet since such situations encourage forward head. This would include watching TV from a couch where your head is at a sharp angle to your body, and it would include lying on your back and propping up your body with your elbows.

Before you sit, lean over so your thighs touch your chest. You’ll be on a different part of your bottom when you sit. Sit on that part of your bottom every time you sit.

Good Luck,

Q: How can I ease pain from a small internal wrist ganglion?
For the past year my right wrist has been killing me. After many visits to the doctor, I had an MRI and a very small ganglion was found on the underside of my wrist on the side that my pinky is on. It does not bulge and it is not noticeable, but I’m sure it’s pressing on a nerve, because my pinky always gets cold and tingly. The doctor said that surgery wouldn’t do much, because the ganglion is small and there’s no guarantee that it wouldn’t grow back. But it just hurts so badly! Lifting heavy objects is especially difficult. I’m entering my senior year of high school and I’m going to have loads of honors and AP classes (almost all English and history-oriented), so I’m going to be writing probably 1-2 essays per week. I really want to get this straightened out before school begins.

A: I think I know exactly what you’re talking about, I’ve gotten similar things on my right wrist but they do protrude (only my doctor called it a calcium deposit or something like that). My helpful tip is invest in a wrist brace thing, you can pick up at Wal-mart for under 20. Mine was a lifesaver for me, cause it made it so my wrist couldn’t move in a way to aggravate the area while it was acting up. And you’re doctor’s right, mine comes and goes, so having it surgically removed probably wouldn’t do you any good. Good luck with your senior year.

Q: i’m looking for a compassionate pain management doctor in the greater seattle area, any suggestions? pls read.?
i fell from the top rung of a ladder years ago and hurt my back. i have been in constant pain ever since. it is so agonizing at times that i lose sleep, work, and joy. to make a long story short, i have been to several doctors, had an mri (which revealed two ‘minor’ bulges), physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, pilates…you name it, i’ve tried it. many of them worked temporarily, but by the evening i’m am once again in pain. all of the doctors i have seen seem to assume – b/c of my age or appearance (i don’t know) – that i am doctor shopping. that or they tell me that my mri shows ‘minor’ damage, but nothing that should be causing the pain i experience. i have sharp, shooting – almost electirc – pain that runs down my buttocks and left leg, i cannot lie on my back, bend forward, backward, lift heavy objects, and my lower back is constantly tight and sore. no one will listen. i am looking for a good, compassionate pain doctor who will take me seriously, prescribe medication to give me some semblance of an existence – if only to take the bite out of the pain – and find a PERMANENT solution to my problem. i don’t have health insurance, but i am willing to pay what i have to. please help. thank you.

in pain!!

A: Hey there. Sounds nasty. I don’t have an answer to your question but, whoever you do see next, ask them to check you out for piriformis spasm. It *could* cause the pain you are describing while not showing up anything interesting on the scan.

Q: What mystery disease does my mother most likely have?
Her doctor has told her to go off work for the time being. She can’t lift any heavy objects at all; she started to have back troubles from carrying around one package of toilet paper in a plastic grocery bag. She’s not supposed to move around, or even drive. She frequently complains about various muscle pains. Her doctor has yet to diagnose her, and I’m pretty worried. What kind of disease could my mom have?
Oh, and most importantly… would it be life-threatening?

A: u really need to be more specific.. the list of diseases that fits that description ranges from one extreme to the other.

more information that is required includes:

- any pains (site of pain, whether its localised or diffused, does it radiate into any direction, what sets it off, what calms it down)
- any muscle weakness or tiredness in one specific part of the body (e.g. legs etc.)
- water intake patterns (any changes)
- sleep patterns (also, does she snore a lot while sleeping, do u feel there is fat around the neck area, which is known to disturb sleep)
- does she not get enough exposure to the sun (vitamin D / calcium defficiency)
- diet patterns (what her diet is made up of, how regularly/much she eats, any change in appetite recently)
- any other obvious symptoms (e.g. coughs, frequent colds etc)
- any fits or faints or unexplained headaches or dizziness
- any family history of such diseases.

basically, what im trying to say is that its all about her history (i.e. u need to tell ur physician more stuff, but its his/her duty to fish it out, rather then leaving it to u to tell them).

Q: What is causing the pain?
I experience extreme pain on the left side of my lower back and the left side of my front around the waist area. So, both of these areas are probably connected to the same thing that is causing the pain. I really don’t have any pain when I walk or I sit down. The pain comes when I sneeze or cough or take a deep breath. 5 days ago, I was lifting some pretty heavy objects that I wanted to get rid off from my house (cement blocks, various bricks, doors, etc.) and maybe this has something to do with it. Mind you, I can twist my waist and no pain either. Again, the most pain comes when I sneeze, cough, deep breath and it seems to be at its worse at night. Sleeping is excruciating. I am 46 years old, in excellent health and shape. Can anyone perhaps suggest something sensible regarding the cause and cure to this pain? Thanks!

A: You have probably pulled the inner costal muscles in your ribcage. That’s why you have the pain when you move your ribs. I recommend you see a doctor of chiropractic medicine as soon as possible to get relief and instructions on what you can do to prevent this from happening again. I’ve enclosed A link where you can find a chiropractor in your area.

Q: exercise which doesn’t involve/require (much of) your legs?
My knees/shins have been in pain for the past few days so I went to the Docs today. Aparently the tibia and/or other bones are highly stressed/strained in that area and the fibres are scraping away.. he told me to refrain from the ecercise (even nonimpact like the eliptical) and not to climb stairs, or walk much.

I’m not an a dumbass; I know I can’t exercise with the state of my knees otherwise I could do serious damage, but the thought of an entire week with not only no exercise but minimal movement of the legs really worries me… I’ve lost some weight recently and worried this week could set me back or make me stray from the energy/determination I’ve had for a while..

So far I’ve thought about weights/lifting heavy objects (while seated) to strengthen the arm/upper body muscles.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated – & no lameass sarcastic comments.

A: get some conduit or a walking stick and sit down and do some stretches over the head with the stick start at ten reps 4 times a day
also use the stick to go sidways right and left for 20 times
while you are sitting make your shoulders stretch backwards also for 10 times they are enjoyable exercises and you will find the benifit of them as soon as you have done a few

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