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kidney infection symptoms

A: Go get a second opinion! Right away.

Q: how long should the symptoms of kidney infection last?
how long should the symptoms of kidney infection last after treatment has started?

A: They should be gone when the treatment is through.

I know, I have had infections and cancer in my kidney.

Q: Can Kidney infection symptoms suddenly disappear?
I had severe fatigue, a pain on the left side of my abdomen that shot up straight to my lower back, the pain in my abdomen would burn during urination, it lasted for two days and was gone. . should I wait until it comes back? it’s been 3 days since.

A: no the symptoms suddenly not disappear it will give to the cautions better to consult the doctor and i think ur saying the ur facing problem at the time of urination so may be if kidney stones present in the bladder .
if kidney stones present in the gall bladder u will get sevior pain at the time urination and better to consult the doctor.
wish u a sppedy recovery
bye take care

Q: I have a kidney infection, are my symptoms normal?
I went to the doctors on Wednesday and he said I should be over it by the weekend but I still feel bad, although my back pains and kidney pains have gone. I am worried about my symptoms, I feel dizzy and off balance and my eye hurts. I am super worried now because I looked up my symptoms on a website and they matched that of a brain tumour. Are my symptoms normal for kidney infection? I am really scared!!!

A: Do not,ever look up symtoms,there are many problems with similiar symtoms,and unless you’re qualified as a doctor,the chances of wrong diagnosis are high.If you’re concerned then please go to the doctor.

Q: on my second round of cipro and still having kidney infection symptoms?/?
I was on cipro twice a day for a week, but still had symptoms so my doc put me on a 10 day course of cipro, however im still getting the same symptoms! And I’m almost done with my second batch.
Am I gonna have to go to the hospital? Why wont my infection go away? Im not really in much pain, I am getting frequent lower back pain but its not severe, also I can pee almost normally when I drink lots of water but yeah i still have the infection

A: If there is a doubt whether antibiotic is working or not, they may test your urine for culture and sensitivity and decide to give you another antibiotic. If the infection has become chronic, it may take more time to cure.
All the best!

Q: What are the symptoms of Kidney infection?
I have been feeling really sick lately like i have a fever, feel like i am going to throw up, lower back pain, diarrhea, painful urination, and abdominal pain. Could I have a kidney infections or bladder infection>

A: All these symptoms point to a kidney infection (most likely caused by an untreated UTI). If you press firmly on your back where your kidneys are located and you feel pain..this is a KEY sign of a kidney infection (its called flank pain). My advice is to go to the doctors so you can be placed on antibiotics..they can also give you pain meds if need be. This condition is very treatable; however you want to get meds as soon as possible to prevent any permanant kidney damage. Hope this helps!

Q: Kidney infection symptoms?
Is it possible to have a kidney infection without any symptoms other than a sore back (or a pain in the general kidney area)?

I had a massage today and it didnt seem to help the ache that I have had on my right lower back for a few days now. I dont seem to have any other symptoms…no fever, no change in my urination, no nausea.

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a kidney infection without any of these symptoms.

A: my mom jst went to the hospital yesterday cause her sugar was high and after doin blood workand stuff she had kindey stones and she didnt have any symptoms and she jsst had surgery a few months ago to get the out cause the werent passin so ya it is possible i think

Q: Kidney Infection Symptoms…?
Ok so I have had dull lower back pain and extreme fatigue for the past week or week and a half…and I know those are symptoms of a kidney infection…but i DONT have painful burning or trouble peeing…so can I still have a kidney infection even though I dont have burning or pain when I pee?

There is also a chance im pregnant too so I know that could be it…but I just want to make sure that I don’t have a kidney infection…I know that the only way to know for sure is to go to the doctor but I can’t get in until next thursday…but if I dont have painful burning or trouble peeing then I shouldnt have a kidney infection right?

Also there is no blood in my urine either…the only symptoms I have is the dull lower back pain and fatigue…


A: Yes, I have had bladder infections all my life since I was a baby. had surgery when I was two to open up my urethra more. Take AZO Standard over the counter til you can get to the doctor, and it should help a lot! you will still have a dull ache in your back, probably. it will turn your urine orange, but it is a GODSEND to Mankind. there may be blood in your urine that you can’t see. Make sure you go to the doc, cause the infection can ascend up into your bloodstream and other organs. Ask the pharmacist where the med for UTIs is, and it will make you feel some better til then. I had a kidney infection twice before. I have had bladder infections so much throughout my life, scar tissue has formed in my urethra, so it does’t hurt anymore so much as I am achy and tired, and have frequent urge to tinkle. Aches in your back can be a kidney infection 4 sure! hope you get better

Q: UTI/kidney infection symptoms, but urine test came back negative. What’s goin on?
So I recently had a UTI/Kidney Infection (which is very rare for young males as I’m told) and was put on 5 days of anti-biotics, this stuff called septra. I thought 5 days wasn’t enough, but they said that they were pretty sure that after 5 days my infection would clear up. I caught the kidney infection really early on, only having felt very minor side pains at the time. It wasnt bad enough yet to where I had a fever, so i guess i was lucky that i caught it early on.
Well, as I finished my 5 days of antibiotics, I noticed that some of my symptoms were still there. Two days after having finished my anitbiotics I went into my urologists office to get my urine tested just to make sure that my infection had cleared up. He told me that my urine test came back clear. No signs of bacteria, white blood cells, nothing. So I left the office thinking that my infection had cleared up. The problem is, I’m still feeling side pains/lower back pains and abdomen pains. It’s been four days since my urologist said the tests were clear, yet the pains are still there. They’re really not that bad, the pains come and go throughout the day, staying for like 30 seconds and then theyll go away, but come and go through the day. Most of the time it’s kind of like a cramp like pain, and other times its more of a stinging pain, but it’s mostly a cramp like pain.
What kind of side/back pains are associated with kidney infections? is it more of a stinging pain or a cramp pain? And should I go back to retest my urine? I know the test came back negative but i still have pains, im not sure what that means. I don’t have health insurance either and each visit is 100 bucks, so I’m not sure if i should go or not. And usually for a kidney infection how long does the pain stay? Like i said the pains im feeling usually just go away in 30 seconds but come and go through the day. I’m actually leaving for a trip across the country in a week and I want to make sure that I’m fine before i leave. The urine test said i was clear but why am I still feeling pain?

A: Cut way down on your salt. I know a lot of salt can hurt.

Drink a lot of water.

Watch your sugar intake.

Q: What are the symptoms of a kidney infection?
I’ve had some pain in the lower portion of my back on both sides of my spine. My urine has a strong amonia smell to it no matter how much water I drink. How do you cure a kidney infection? Please help! Thank you!

A: You should feel extreme pressure while urinating if it is a kidney infection. Only a urine test can confirm it. You may also suffer from a back strain.

Q: What are some symptoms of kidney infection?
I’ve been having lower back pains and I’m worried.

A: Kidney infections are typically caused by bladder infections so chances are you will have all the bladder infection symptoms along with kidney pains(almost feels like a really bad muscle ache) which might be on one or both sides of your back where you kidneys are located

Q: Is it possible to have a kidney infection without first the symptoms of a UTI or bladder infection?
I have had for the past week or so, a sudden throbbing in my right and left side not at the same time, however. I haven’t had a UTI since last July and I have no symptoms of one right now. The only thing I’ve been doing differently is bathing instead of showering. I started drinking Just Cranberry cranberry juice in hopes to flush out an infection if there is one.

A: You most certainly can have an infection which begins in your kidneys. You may first notice it as a dull ache on one or both sides of your spine above your waist. The pain becomes progressivly worse. If left untreated it will add your bladder and then you will feel that burning sensation when you pee.

A UTI is an infection anywhere in the urinary tract ( bladder, kidneys, ureters) so actually when you feel the first symptom in your kidneys, that tells you the UTI is present.

A variety of things can trigger it but you are wise to shower instead of taking a bath. Water additives such as bath salts, bubble bath, bath oil can trigger an infection in some people.

Although you will read about the effectiveness of cranberry juice, because it has sugar or corn syrup, why not take a few cranberry capsules a day? I’ve found them to be very effective when I sense a kidney infection beginning and will take a couple a few times a day with plenty of water.

Since I began that procedure, I have had fewer and fewer kidney infections over the years thanks to the “anti-adhesive” or silicone-like effect of the cranberry.

Rather than taking antibiotics which destroy the friendly bacteria etal in your intestinal tract and lead to other issues, cranberry is a good medical alternative. Since you don’t need the sugars in the juice, the capsules are less expensive, travel easily, have fewer calories, and easy to take. Just remember that you must drink a cup of water with them.

I thought you might like a good article about UTIs so here it is and cranberry is listed as an alternative treatment:

Take care of you!

Q: Can you have a kidney infection without urine symptoms?
I’ve had plenty of UTIs and this doesn’t feel the same. Just plain old stabbing pain in my left flank and a general feeling of being sick.

A: Yes, you can. I know because it happened to me. I never had the typical UTI symptoms of burning and having to constantly pee, however, I didn’t feel well, had a low grade temp and had no idea why.

I gave a urine culture and it was positive for blood, so much so that the doctors couldn’t understand how I never felt the pain in my kidney. Needed to take massive amounts of antibiotics for it to go away. To counter effect the antibiotics’ side effects, I made sure to eat tons of yogurt as to not get a yeast infection. Good luck.

Q: Can anyone tell me what they symptoms of feline kidney infection are?
I was just petting my cat, and he reacted when I touched the area by his kidney. He didn’t scream or meow. He pees normally, no blood. Eats and drinks fine. Any ideas? BTW, He’s almost 20.
He kinda reacted quickly and started licking that area.
Thank you. He had a urinalysis done last month. It was clean.

A: How exactly did he react? It doesn’t sound like an obvious problem. He may just have not liked being prodded where he was touched.

At age 20, a geriatric check-up with a vet is a good idea. Part of that would be a blood test for kidney function.

EDIT – My perfectly healthy young cat does that occasionally. I would not be concerned. But a check-up is never a bad idea for an old cat anyway.

Q: Can cranberry juice help a kidney/bladder infection until you get to the doctor?
I have a kidney infection but cannot get in to see the doctor until Friday. Will I be okay until than, drinking nothing but water and cranberry juice?

Additional information:
Had a UTI that has now turned into kidney/bladder infection. Symptoms of kidney/bladder infection onset today.
I have 28 years old, normal weight, in good health.

PLEASE only answer if you truly know.

A: Your kidney infection is only going to get worse unless treated by antibiotics… so get in there now. They hurt. Cranberry Juice does help but it’s the actual skin on the cranberry that is suppose to help. Since there isn’t much of the skin in the juice your better off eating some cranberries or blueberries also and drinking lots of water too. It doesn’t matter what age you are and your health or wether or not you are sexually active. SOme people are just prone to Uti’s. And if your uti has already reached your kidneys. THats not a good sign at all. Kidney infections are very highly dangerous.. the longer you wait to get to the doc the worse off you might be.

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