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ovulation pain

Also, I have a 28-32 day cycle sometimes stress makes my cycles change but i always get one every month.

A: You normally ovulate 15-17 days before your next period.
Messershmitt, the pain of the egg coming down to meet the sperm, only happens to about 50% of women. It hurts for a few hours, especially when you sit down hard on a hard chair. It’s no where near the pain of bad menstrual cramps.
One month the egg comes down form the right ovary, and the next month it comes down from the left ovary. You can get pregnant a couple days before that or then.
If you take your basal body temperature when you’re trying to get pregnant, you’ll see that your temperature goes up after you’ve ovulated. You should take your temp. every FIRST thing in the morning for a few months to see exactly when you’re ovulating.
I hope that clears some things up for you. :)

Q: How long did your ovulation pain last?
I know that not all women have ovulation pain (infact the numbers are like 1 in 5 actually have this). The last time I ovulated (I got pregnant using clomid but it didn’t stick) the pain lasted a couple of hours.

This time (my new doctor put me on 100 mg and the last time I was on 50 mg) the cramping started yesterday and it’s still going on. It feels like it’s stopping now so it’s been about 36 hours of on/off cramping.

Any thoughts?

A: I get cramping for like 2 to 3 days…it is like a dull cramp like you know it is there but it is not really bad….it is normal

Q: Follicles bursts does is it that the same as the ovulation pain?
I get ovulation pain. Is the pain related to the bursting of the follicle?

A: yes, that is correct

Q: Does breast pain post ovulation feel different than during pregnancy?
I always get very sore breasts right around the time I ovulate up until my next period starts. And by sore, I mean it hurts to run, hurts to lay on my stomach, etc. I know that breast pain is an early pregnancy symptom. I am 7 dpo and waiting to find out if I am pregnant. I have major breast pain but wondering if it is possible to differentiate between ovulation pain and pregnancy pain??

A: I don’t think there is a clear answer to this hon. With my first two pregnancies, mine were sore off and on. Sometimes after ovulation, mine start to hurt and even then I have months where there’s very little tenderness all the way to extreme pain! When I got pregnant the third time, they were kind of medium sore from about 10 dpo forward, but I miscarried at 8 weeks.

My point is, it’s not a reliable pregnancy indicator. Hormones cause the breast pain and because they flucuate so much throughout your cycle, it’s really hard to tell the reason why.

Best wishes for a BFP this month!

Q: When you have ovulation pain does that mean you are ovulating?
I have ovulation pain. Does that mean if I am trying for a baby I should have sex now or is it too late now? Have I missed the boat this month?!

A: It may not be too late but the best way to do it, is to start having sex a few days before ovulation. The sperm can live up to three days inside of you, so when the egg is released, there will already be sperm in there ready to go!!

Q: Is lower abdominal pain and back pain starting two weeks before period due to ovulation?
Or is something wrong? This has just started happening the last four months. My doctor said it’s ovulation pain, but then why haven’t I had it for the last ten years?

A: Most likely it is mittleschmerz (“middle pain”) due to ovulation. I didn’t get it until my 30’s; lots of things can factor in, such as if you’ve had any ovarian cysts, or minor surgery. To be safe you can ask for an ultrasound to check. However, if it goes away after ovulation and then comes back the next month at the same time, your doc may decide it’s not necessary.

Q: Does anyone only have ovulation pain on one side but still got pregnant?
Every month, around ovulation, I get ovulation pain. However, it’s always on my left side! Does this mean my right ovary doesn’t work? Or is the pain I’m feeling totally unrelated to ovulation even though it always coincides with it?

A: I was wondering the same thing. I always have ovulation pain on my right side… its good to know were not alone! Hopefully its normal. I do have a little girl so I guess it is possible to get pregnant : )

Q: Has anyone experienced or heard of ovulation pain?
I stopped taking b/c pills about 10 days ago. In the past few days I have pain in the pelvic area that gets worse when I walk or stand. I don’t think I am pregnant already but I ran across something called ovulation pain and was wondering if anyone had it?

A: I get it every month which is a curse and a blessing. The upshot is I know when I am ovulating, the downside is I have alot of scar tissue down there and the pain is fairly bad.

Being as this is your first time experiencing this pain keep track of it (how long it lasts, where the pain is located, is it sharp, dull or cramping) and mention it to your doctor.

Be sure to call your doctor if the pain becomes severe.

Best wishes :)

Q: For women who do experience ovulation pain, generally, how long does it last?
I’m mid cycle and just felt some twinges in my lower right side, lasting about a minute or so. I never paid much attention before, but might this have been ovulation pain? What are your own experiences with ovulation pain?

A: My pains vary from month to month. I do experience light twinges around ovulation time. Mine personally last for just a few minutes off and one for about one day. Hope this helps.

Q: What does ovulation pain feel like?
I’ve been on and off with pain in my ovary area (previous post) and I talked to my mom a little while ago and she said maybe it’s ovulation pain? I was wondering if maybe anyone could just let me know how this feels..? Thanks!

A: Symptoms
The symptoms of ovulation pain can include:

Hi, these are a list of symptoms you can experiece during ovulation..

Pain in the lower abdomen, just inside the hip bone.
The pain typically occurs about two weeks before the menstrual period is due.
The pain is felt on the right or left side, depending on which ovary is releasing an egg.
The pain may switch from one side to the other from one cycle to the next, or remain on one side for a few cycles.
The pain sensation varies between individuals – for example, it could feel like uncomfortable pressure, twinges, sharp pains or cramps.
The duration of pain ranges anywhere from minutes to 48 hours.

When i ovulate i get the same pains as i would my period, It would feel like i was getting my period but really i was ovulating, BUT not everyone experiences these pains/tingles. About one in five women experience pain and discomfort during ovulation. The duration of the pain varies from one woman to the next.

Hope this helps !!

Q: What is the chance that it is just ovulation pain?
I had my last period 17 days ago and it lasted 5 days. For the past three days I’ve had uncomfortable pains in my lower abdomen. I’m wondering if this could be ovulation and if other people experience such uncomfortable achey pains. Also, I took plan b and skipped a month so I took a HPT before my last period. Does EC have that kind of effect? I haven’t ever had pre-menstrual pains.

A: Ovulation and early conception can cause similar pains, including an aching, heavy feeling in your abdomen. Additionally, most ovulation pains happen on one side of your abdomen (and alternate each month, since the ovaries generally “take turns”).

Stress can cause both EC and premenstrual pains to worsen. Based on the information you’ve provided, I would say that it could be either.

Early pregnancy, though, shouldn’t really cause pain or cramping for more than a day or two, and the pains usually occur during implantation of the egg. If the pain worsens, I would see a doctor. A tubal pregnancy, althouh very rare, causes severe and debilitating abdominal pain.

Good Luck!

Q: Does ovulation pain mean that i didnt conceive?
I got a positive OPK and had sex accordingly for 2 days, however i have been getting that side pain for days now and today its even worse. I’m guessing its ovulation.

My silly question is- does that mean i have not conceived?

I feel i am asking the obvious here. Also is there a reason why i just cant seem to get up in the morning the past 2 days? I’m so tired.

A: No the pain doesn’t mean anything. It just means you can tell when you are ovulating. I was tired too. I think it just has to do with rising hormone levels and temps and all that crazy stuff your body does. If you did the BD in the days that your OPK said yoor LH had risen then there is a good chance you did concieve. From here you get the joy of the TWW (two week wait). Its the longest 2 weeks ever! lol! Try to be patient.

Someone said to test in a few days…..don’t….its to early. Your best bet would be to wait 14 days (seems like forever but you’ll be ok).

Q: Do you normally ovulate on the day you feel ovulation pain?
I had ovulation pain yesterday afternoon, but as of this morning, my temps have not risen. Can you feel the pain and ovulate a day or two later? My cervical mucous also indicates ovulation today or tomorrow and definitely not yesterday.
Oh..and to add to that…my normal ovulation day is tomorrow and my temps HAVE risen from a normal of 97.2 to 97.59, but my normal post-ovulation temp is 97.9.

A: I think most women feel it before or at the start of ovulation. So your lower temps today are fine. You’re probably ovulating today.

Q: Did you experience ovulation pain with Clomid?
I never really had ovulation pain before last month, despite the fact that I was ovulating. It was my first month using Clomid, 50 mg.
I was actually quite shocked that it hurt so much.
This month, I had even more and bigger follicles but I did not feel the ovulation pain.
What gives? Anyone have the same thing happen?
Now I am worried that the follicles did not rupture because I did not take the ovidrel (hcg) shot- I surged on my own.
Also, my temps are not really any higher at 2dpo.
Thank you! That was a very reassuring answer ;-)

A: I’m not being monitored on Clomid. The first round was painful for me. Even after ovulation, I swore I was pregnant because my breast were sore for a couple of days I even had some spotting which I thought was implantation bleeding. This time around I’m not feeling as much pain as the first cycle, I got a few high levels and got two peak readings on my fertility monitor but so far fertility friend hasn’t detected ovulation yet. I’m CD 14 today. Last cycle I ovulated on Cd 17. But I’m noticing I am not in as much pain as I was in the first cycle.

I want to take it as a sign that my body is getting used to ovulating.

Good luck to you honey!!! I hope we both get our BFPs!!!

Q: Should I tell my doctor about ovulation pain?
Every month, about 12 days after the start of my last period, I get pain on either side of my abdomen for a couple days.

I have been getting this ever since I started getting my period. It’s not that painful; it’s definitely manageable.

I’m pretty sure it’s ovulation pain. Could this be caused by anything serious, and is it worth mentioning to my doctor?

A: I get the same thing, but yes its a good idea to talk to your doctor about any kind of pain you might be having when it comes to your period. My doc put me on the pill and that helped with the pain and really it helped with PMS as well. good luck.

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