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pain in left side

A: probably go see a doctor. i know it might not seem urgent now but it could get worse. i would probably saw a fractured rib or something if you’ve recently been in a car accident… but i”m NOT a doctor. go see one.

Q: pain in left side of chest when I breathe?
Sometimes when I breathe, I get a sharp pain in my chest (left side) and I can’t breathe deeply for a couple seconds because of the pain. But afterwards, I can breathe deeply again. It’s not a usual thing, but it doesn’t happen very rarely either, maybe once a month or once every two months. What is this pain indicative of?

A: I hope its the muscular pain . When you breaths muscle in between the ribs get contract that makes you pain. Its a normal phenomenon nothing to worry.

Q: just found out i was pregnant and have been having pain on left side of body?
just found out i was pregnant 3 days ago seems im 6-8 weeks pregnant and been having left side pain that radiates to my leg but doesn’t go lower then my mid upper leg, is a very weird discomfort pain not bad but its their!! and wont go away for anything! its starts in my hip or what seems hip because the pain is all over that area! dont know how to describe it!

A: You might want to go to your doctor, or a doctor professionalized in pregnancy, to explain the problems. That way you can get the problem resolved. It is important to resolve this early, because later on in the pregnancy you will be encouraged to sleep on your left side and not your right. This is too keep good blood flow for your baby, keep your kidneys processing good, and to reduce edema (swelling in your hands and feet). You might to try to sleep with pillows under or between your legs, your left side, and under your side to help provide some comfort. You can not take any medications unless approved by a doctor. If you take for example Aspirin, you could risk your child becoming deaf or worse.

Q: Sharp pain left side when breathing?
I have a pretty sharp pain that goes off and on when I breathe sometimes, been happening every once in awhile and seems to be sometimes when I start drinking beer. Its by my far left side under my arm pit about 5 inches down. What could this be???

A: Chest pain is nothing to toy with, I would recommend seeing a doctor for a professional opinion.

Your stomach, left kidney, and pancreas are close to the location you described.

Ultimately though a professional opinion is what you want.

Q: Occasionally I have a pain in left side of body – near bottom of ribcage. Any ideas of what it is?
Since about 2 months ago, I occasionally get a pain on the left side of my body. The pain seems to be in my left front, directly below my last rib.

It started when I had a coughing fit and only hurt when I had jarring motions (e.g., jumping jacks, or sudden movements) – otherwise I didn’t notice it. It is somewhat of a sharp pain. In the last few days, I occasionally notice it when just moving around.

In case this is useful, when I first noticed this pain its location seemed to flucuate from being in the front of my body to being mid-way between the front and back (though always on my left side and below my last rib). Now the pain is consistently in the front of my body.

Any thoughts of what could be causing this pain and whether I should be concerned about it?

A: Could be colon problems. Sometimes our colons can extend upward a bit on the left when we’ve not been eating right or taking in enough water. Your liver and gall bladder are more to the right side. Your stomach extends a bit into the left side, but is mostly centered, as is your pancreas, with just the tip end of it jutting into the left. Your spleen is on the left. Otherwise, there isn’t much on your left side. Could be what we call “stitches”… basically, just pain in the tissues. Check with your doctor. I don’t know your age, but it could be time for a lovely little colonoscopy. :)

Q: Pain in left side of torso after lifting heavy box?
After lifting a heavy box at work a week ago I felt a sharp pain in my side, kind of like the bottom left part of my stomach. Since then maybe once or twice Ive felt sharp pains for a brief moment and maybe once at night I felt pain in the area when i inhaled. Any ideas on what the cause might be? Keep in mind that it isnt happening constantly but it is definitely happening in the same place.

A: Maybe you have damaged a muscle, best have it checked out by your GP. Could just be a bad strain.

Q: Sharp stomach pain, left side of abdomen?
My stomach has been killing me for awhile.. I am a 26 yr old female to start out with. The pain is in the upper left side of my abdomen and makes it hard for me to eat. I feel like I am being stabbed.

A: Hi the upper left side of your abdomen is where you’re pancreas is. You should seek medical attention. There are many things that could be going on pancreatitis, cancer etc. So go see your MD and have them check you out.

Q: I just had a dream, and in this dream i was experiencing horrible pain in left side of the nose?
The pain felt very real. I woke up and the left side of my nose is completely clogged. Its not bleeding and it doesnt hurt. It has been 2 hours and my left side is still completely clogged. What can this be?

A: It depicts laziness on ur part to have treatment of nose and apprehension in ur sub conscience to be aggravation the disease to a greater extent

Q: chest pain…? left side of my chest, and it hurt to breathe?
I’m 21 and last night I had the most discomforting pain in my left thoracic area… my left ribs were aching and it was slightly painful to breath in or out. I don’t smoke or drink, and I try to stay pretty healthy. always had good blood pressure, and normal blood tests.

What kinds of things can cause chest pain?
oh and this happens sometimes more than once a month. It’s out of random too. I’ve been super stressed this week but this doesn’t happen every time I get stressed. :-/

A: Here are some good links to medical professional information. If you start feeling too bad I’d just call 911 and you can look at the links later.but normally chest pain on the left side isn’t a heart issue.

or here is a link you can actually ask the doctors at webmd a question and get an answer

Q: Sharp throbbing pain in left side of ankle?
Ive had this throbbing pain every 10-20 minutes in my left ankle left side. Following the pain (which lasts about 10 seconds) i get a warm feeling and sometimes a bit of pain in my foot as well. My mother says this is nothing to worry about and that i’m exaggerating… But would you suggest it could get serious?

A: you could have plantar fasciitis or achilles tendinitis – type these two condition in web search and see if your symptoms match – or you can go to and click on symptom checker

Q: Small chest pain on left side when swallowing liquid and food?
I just did a pretty heavy chest workout the other day, and now, whenever I drink and swallow food, I get a small quick pain in the left upper chest area. Could this be related to the heavy chest workout?
I’m in my 30s now. When you start getting sharp little pains in you chest, you ask about it.
Thanks heather. No, no pain down my arms. It is isolated to the area I mentioned. I did a heavier chest workout than normal the other day, and that may have something to do with it.

A: I hear you on the “in the 30s” point of view. I’m 31 now and just went to the ER for chest pains a couple of days ago. If it is not pressure, or extening down your arm… or accompanied with shortness of breath, dizziness, etc… you’re probably fine. If it persists for more than a couple of days, you might want to call the doctor. Good Luck!

Q: Had a root canal retreat friday. In pain and left side swollen been taking pain meds and ibuprofen constantly?
I had it done early Friday morning and is now Sunday at 2:50 AM woke up in pain again. Jaw is swollen and lip is numb on that side. Have a two year old here asleep and home alone any help or advice? About every 3 to 4 hours have to take as little as possible meds to relieve pain but still be able to focus and take care of daughter.

A: it should be over soon, i had to go thru that while 7 mos pregnant so i could barely even take the meds, but keep a cool ice pack on it and just wait another day or two it should get better. if not then go back, something might be wrong if it’s still hurting after a week

Q: stabbing pain left side of back and middle of chest! HELP?
Hi ive had this pain in the middle of my chest for a while.
it comes and goes all the time but when its there i have to stop moving an breathing for a few minutes as its really pain full like someone is stabbing me.
Lately i have started getting the same pain in the left side of my back the pain seems to get a lot worse when i try to lay down.
Im only 20yrs old.
I have a heart murmur but ive been told its not serious! Coud that be whats causing it.

A: go to the doctors right away! It may be nothing but you’ll want to get it checked out. My sis had the same type of pain and she kept going to the doctor and they said it was just bronchitis, and turns out she had cancer…not to scare you or anything, it’s prob not that extreme, but consistant pain isn’t normal and you should get it checked out

Q: I have major pain on left side of abdomen, colon area? Any ideas?
I am supose to get a sgimoidoscopy and need to schedule it but in the meantime the left side is killing me. This has gone on for a few months now but tonight it is really bad. It is hard to the touch and you can see it is distended compare to the other side. Without being to graphic I will just say there is major changes in bowel also.
Any ideas what would cause this? why it is rigid? and there is pain?

A: sounds like what i have and actually am having a flare up now, diverticulosis, which can go to diverticulitis, i go from loose to not so bm’s and im hoping what ever is flaring up goes down with the antibiotics doc gave me, but you need to see a gastroinerologist as soon as possible, if it gets as ecscruciating to where your diaphram wont let you breath, then its 911 time, good luck and god bless

Q: Sharp pain behind left side of rib cage?
It’s a really sharp pain that’s been bugging me all day.
What exactly is located behind the upper left side of the ribcage?
I know that the liver is on the right.
What could be cause of this?
Thanks in advance everyone.

A: Bronchial spasms (lung)?

Are you recovering from a cold?
Do you smoke?

Sometimes the lung has a quick sharp pain.

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