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abdomen pain

A: . Ya, quit with the General Practioners. They’re good if you have a cold, whatever.
Go see a specialist, such as Gastroenterologist; “…Gastroenterology is the subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with disorders and conditions of the gastrointestinal (“GI”) tract, also called the digestive tract. More specifically, gastroenterologists are concerned with the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines (colon), pancreas, gallbladder and liver. ” …
… have you seen a Gynecologist? Nephrologist; “…Nephrology is the subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with disorders of the kidneys and urinary system .” Oncologist, Urologist, …?
Get some MRI’s and blood work done. etc.

Q: Abdomen Pain?
I have Got upper abdomen pain it really hurts can u tell me any way to stop it

A: i had this on and off for a few could tummy imfection…or a lot of things actually..most likely not serious..if it doesnt go away or gets worse with other symptoms seek healthy…nothing spicy..or too acid…take buscopan or the chemist can recommend something

Q: Abdomen pain?
Hi there, im 12+1 today, and through the day have been experiencing a quite big sharp ache in my lwr abdomen. Its not a pain, just an ache that i can really feel, it only lasts a couple of minutes and the goes. Any ideas?
As well, I did have a kidney infection about 2wks ago, and was on augmentin duo for a wk, wondering if i could have the infection back again?

A: yes – its your ligaments stretching to accomodate your stretching uterus. Perfectly normal, I had it (and it hurt lol) but if you are unsure then theres nothing like reassurance from the midwife.

If you ring her, she will tell you the same Im sure!!

Q: What could be causing my lower abdomen pain?
Since last night, when I urinate my lower left side of my abdomen starts to hurt and stops hurting when I am finished urinating. What could be causing the pain? It is a very sharp pain.

A: Your looking at the very least a UTI and the very most a possible bladder infection. You need to make an appointment with your doctor and go along and get checked. They will probably only make you given them a urine sample to check these and put you on a course of anti-biotics that day that will help to start clensing your bladder. But it is definately something you dont want to leave for to long or the pain will grow more intense and the problem could spread to other areas. Good luck.

Q: What could be causing this abdomen pain?
When I stand up Especially if I stand up quickly I get a pain in my lower right abdomen, and it goes away. I had this when I was pregnant with my last baby. I had her 10 months ago. I don’t remember having the pain until later in the pregnancy. If I am pregnant (which I hope I am!) I would only be like 2 weeks along. I have 2 children already. Is it possible to get the Ligament stretching pain that early in Pregnancy? If not Do you have any guesses what it may be?

A: It may just be that you’re pregnant, but be careful! Lower abdominal pain could mean so many different things. Try taking a pregnancy test but also look up symptoms of what else it could be, JUST in case.

i thought i was pregnant and i just ended up almost having rheumatic fever. i had to get my tonsils removed- so it wasn’t anything to be too scared of, but something else COULD happen.

Careful, but be careful!
Good luck tho! If you hope you are then I hope you are too!!!

Q: Black stool, with abdomen pain under the ribs on the right side?
I have had abdomen pains on the right side, not in the lower region as much, most of the pain is under my ribs on the right side also directly under my sternum, the pain has been going on for about 2 weeks. I have also had black stool for the past couple of days. Any advice would be appreciated.

A: First off – Check in at a walk-in clinic ASAP!

You could have a good old bleeding ulcer! But only a doctor can tell.

Between now and your appointment try the BRAT diet.

Banana, Rice, Toast Applesauce Toast (dry). This diet will often calm things down until you see your doctor.

If you are in a country with government run health care you will have to wait way too long for a diagnosis. So try the BRAT diet and cut back on fatty food.

Q: Is PMS usually a constant abdomen pain or can it go off and on within minutes?
It seems like I experience an automatic sharp lower abdomen pain every month, usually before period starting. I’m wondering if it’s PMS or something else. Are different kinds of abdomen pain when it comes to PMS?

A: Yes, that sounds normal. PMS encompasses a whole host of symptoms and lower abdomen pain can be one.

Q: Is it normal to have back pain and abdomen pain after you urinate?? 27 weeks pregnant?
Just want to know if it is normal to have back pain and abdomen pain after urinating?

A: Sounds like a urine infection, go and get it checked out because i had one when i was 35 weeks and it triggered my contractions xx

Q: Lower abdomen pain during intercourse mean pregnancy or worse?
What could it mean if you have pain in the lower right abdomen at some points during sex? Could it mean you are possibly pregnant, or could it mean something worse? I have been having a lot of discharge, but it has no unusual color, odor, or texture. So I can’t imagine that I have an infection, but could the pain mean that?

A: It happens to me too It just means he’s poking into you too hard. I don’t think I’d has anything to do with Being pregnant if you’re really concerned you should go to the lady doctor.

Q: help abdomen pain,have a mild pain in my abdomen left side,and expierience a bubbling gasious sensation from m?
have a mild pain in my abdomen left side,and expierience a bubbling gasious sensation from my stomach,i also have a chesty cough.Slightly constipated.Does anyone kow what thes symptoms are?

A: It’s possibly just a urinary or kidney infection.
I thought I had appendicitis but it turned out to be a kidney infection. Although I never had the cough & I wasn’t constipated. Don’t know what you mean by the bubbling though :S
Visit your GP.

Q: I have pain in upper abdomen from last 3 months?
From last 3 months i have upper abdomen pain & digestion problem, loose motion etc., My doctor tell me that I have effect of stomach ulcer & recommend me 8 weeks antibiotic course, I complete this course but still i have belching whenever I eat or without eat so now please give me some idea?

A: If the pain is on your right side and occurs after eating or pain comes and goes (can last for hours) you should go see your doctor and ask him/her if it could be your gall bladder. This pain can also be in your back/shoulder blade area (right side) as well. I was diagnosed with an ulcer and it turned out to be my gall bladder. I had similar symptoms but I had severe attacks of pain that kept me in bed with a heating pad and lasted for 8 hours or so and some came with vomiting and weakness. Ended up in the hospital twice from them. (2nd time got it removed). The first attacks lasted for about an hour and got longer and longer as they came. Gall Stones are dangerous. Get it checked out again and make sure to ask your doc if it could be gall stones! Good Luck.

Q: What could be the cause of random abdomen pain?
Ever since Monday night i have been feeling pain in my abdomen right below my rib cage on the right side, I’m not sick at all so I’m not sure what it could be. At first i figured gas so i took some Gas X but nothing happened . It only hurts when i try to get up or i put pressure on it.

18 yr old male

A: Gallstones, gall duct obstruction, appendicitis ( this is very serious go and see a dr), acute liver disease (infection, obstruction etc), indigestion, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease

Do you drink a lot, are you healthy and of a healthy weight, do you smoke, do you each a lot of fatty, rich foods? All those things would put you at risk from gallstones and liver disease.

Does the pain get worse when you eat? It could be indigestion, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis.

Seeing that you’ve had this pain for a few days I’d go and see a doctor soon just to be on the safe side.

Q: what is causing this on and off cramping and pain in my lower abdomen?
I been having the lower abdomen pain for at least 2 days if feel like a sharp dull pain,it feels like a tingle,but i been having on and off cramps since after i had intercourse like 10 minutes later a week ago,the cramps goes off and on…….i don’t expect my period a week from 2day can that be ovulation pain?
also i haVE ALOT OF GAS 2

A: it could be a uti and gas so take a gas ex and if it is just gas it should go away if not go to the doc. for a uti. ovulation pain is usually well for me anyway on one side and not a sharp pain and doesnt really hurt but just noticeable.

Q: Is this normal to have lower abdomen pain?
I have been having pain in my lower abdomen it comes and goes. I am at the end of my first trimester and I just want to know if I should be worried.

A: What kind of pain? Like menstrual cramping? Describe it a little more… It could be round ligament pain which is the ligaments stretching around the uterus making room for your uterus to grow. That can be really really painful. I had it really bad and couldn’t walk or lay or anything. It’s not harmful to the baby, it’s just a “pain” for you. It usually goes away mid 2nd trimester.

Q: lower abdomen pain while walking? Is this something normal or symptoms of contractions?
I am 38 weeks pregnant now and almostt near my due date. When i walk or climb stairs, i get some pulling pain in the lower abdomen and lite back pain. is this normal or symptoms of contractions?

A: It could be what is known as Round Ligament Pains. It is possible that the baby has dropped into position, and your body is just not used to the extra pressure in your pelvic area. Try to stretch and walk, stay loosened up. I would consult your Doctor, just so he or she knows how you and the baby are doing.

Also, when you start having contractions, YOU WILL KNOW it for sure.

Keep Smiling, and Be Blessed!


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