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appendix pain

A: Your pain would likely be accompanied by a high fever, so I’m thinking you don’t have to worry about your appendix. It’s also possible you caught the neuro virus that’s been making it’s way around this flu season (although that’s about a 24 hour bug). In any case, you really should have this checked out by a doctor.

Q: appendix pain?
ok about where my appendix is i have a pain and it has been there for about 2 days.
the pain is almost cramp like and if i apply pressure it hurts quite bad.

are theses the syptoms of an appendix bursting.
i have no symptoms of nausea or anything like that

A: fever, nausea, sometimes diarrhea… usually the pain starts in the center and moves towards the right/lower abdomen (where the appendix is).

definitely get in to see a doctor right away… a burst appendix is an emergency situation!

Q: Appendix pain!?
I was in quite a lot of pain about an hour ago -serious pain!- now after lying down I am okay with an occasional jolt of pain from my appendix. should i go to the hospital? or should i go to sleep and try to figure things out in the morning

A: Sorry you are in pain.
First of all take your temperature. If it 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, combined with pain on your right lower abdoman, then get to the hospital. If your appendix ruptures, it causes peritonitis and that can kill you very quickly. The pain from your appendix can get severe enough that you cannot walk. To be more accurate as to if it is your appendix, have someone press down slowly and gently on your abdoman, then release quickly. If you have MORE pain upon the RELEASE than when they were pressing down, that is reactive appendix pain.
Do not eat anything, in case you do need surgery.

Again the MOST significant factor is a fever, combined with the pain. With appendicitis the fever will keep climbing. So keep checking, even if you do not have one yet for it can take appendicitis a few days to become accute.

Keep us posted, hope you feel better soon.

Q: How does ruptured appendix pain compare to labor pain?
My appendix ruptured about 5 years ago, and now I am expecting my first child in August. My situation was somewhat rare in that my appendix ruptured as many as 4 or 5 days before I went into surgery, but since my body “walled off” the infection I didn’t have any of the usual symptoms (besides pain). As my due date approaches, I’m wondering how this pain might compare to labor pain.

A: Don’t listen to people who tell you what labour pains are like…they’re different for everybody, and there are always people out there who want to scare you with tales of their own! Just remember: if labour pains were soooo bad, then nobody would have more than one child!
Anyway, the pain of childbirth is not the pain of something being ‘wrong’ in your body, so it’s different! And it’s a ‘productive’ pain…you feel as if you’re getting somewhere with every contraction and you know it will end with something beautiful!
Just relax..and enjoy looking forward to your baby! Congratulations, by the way :) )

Q: Can you get your appendix taking out if you don’t have any appendix pain or symptoms?
Like you have NO symptoms of Appendicitis/Appendix Pain. Can you get it taken out so later in life it wont explode? So it can be gone from your body so your not so paranoid of it exploding and feeling a needle pain and not sure if it is a stomach pain or nerve pinch or if it REALLY is Appendicitis.


A: You don’t want to have unnecessary abdominal surgery if you don’t need it. It’s expensive and your health insurance won’t pay to remove a healthy appendix. If you do have appendicitis, you’ll be running a fever, you’ll have major abdominal pain and you may be throwing up. It’s more than just a twinge of pain.

Q: Who know why we get are appendix pain?
I what to know what causes you’re appendix to act up and u get a nasty pain why is that?

A: The appendix gets blocked…it could be appendicitis. You should go get that checked out because if it is and it ruptures, you’ll get bacteria spilled in your abdominal cavity and that can be life-threatening

Q: what should i do if i have appendix pain?
i have got pain in appendix two what should i do ?should i sway for surgery or let it be like this.some says that go to nice doctor and have it cured by medicine instead of surgery which is denie me from my work for several months&i won’t be able to give exams.some say that sugery is very easy and not much rest is required.

A: If it is appendicitis pain then don!t take chances ,show to surgeon & if required he will operate,you will be resting for 5-6 days, then light work you can do.Admiral V K Singh

Q: What is the difference between Appendix pain and Hernia pain.?
Ok here’s the thing.
My husband has been having this tremendes pain around his belly, leaning to his right side..
The pain also shoots down to his testicle.
For 2 days.
He hasn’t experienced any of the following::::
1. Vomiting
2. Dizziness
3. Frequent urination.
He’s sleeping now, should I be worried?
What do you think it could be??
Has anyone of you had a hernia?
Is this what it sounds like or not??
Anyone have an idea? Serious answers Please. =)

A: if the pain has been there for 2 days now, definitely it is not from appendicitis. is there a bulge in his right groin or testicle? if there is, it might be a hernia. i still would suggest that you bring him to a doctor so a physical examination can be done. a complete blood count and a urinalysis would be helpful. basing from what you narrated, it is also possible that he may have a stone in his urinary system (urolithiasis). a consult with a urologist might also be helpful.

Q: Is the pain of the appendix when you have appendicitis constant?
I might have appendicitis but the pain in my appendix is not constant, it comes and goes. Does this mean that I have appendicitis? I have looked up other symptoms, which I seem to have, but the whole not constant pain thing is a draw back to whether I have it or not in my opinion.

A: Symptoms

Appendicitis can cause a variety of symptoms that may change over time:

Early on, the most common symptom is an aching pain around your navel that often shifts later to your lower right abdomen.
As the inflammation spreads to nearby tissues, the pain may become sharper and more severe.
Eventually, the pain tends to settle in your lower right abdomen — near your appendix at what’s known as McBurney point. This point is about halfway between your navel and the top of your right pelvic bone.

But the location of your pain may vary, depending on your age and the position of your appendix. Young children or pregnant women, especially, may have appendicitis pain in different places.

What makes pain worse
If you apply gentle pressure to the area that hurts, it will feel tender. As you release the pressure, especially if you do it suddenly, appendicitis pain often will feel worse (rebound tenderness). It will also tend to get worse if you cough, walk or make other jarring movements. This is particularly true if the inflamed appendix is touching the peritoneum — the silk-like membrane that lines the inner abdominal wall and enfolds the intestines. The pain may lessen somewhat if you lie on your side and pull your knees up toward your chest.

Symptoms other than pain
In addition to pain, you may have one or more of the following appendicitis symptoms:

Nausea and sometimes vomiting
Loss of appetite
A low-grade fever that starts after other symptoms appear
An inability to pass gas
Abdominal swelling

Q: when a women is pregnant and during that time period she is also suffering from an appendix pain.solution is?
surgery for appendix can be done or not ? is it safe for foetus?

A: I had an appendicitis when I was pregnant with my first child. They didn’t remove it as it was a dangerous operation and it seemed to go away. Your best bet is to ask your Dr or the Dr’s at your hospital. There is always risk involved with any surgery and even more so when pregnant. If you are unsure then seek a second opinion. Good luck. :)

Q: appendix pain after 11 weeks after removed?
i had my appendix removed by key hole 11 weeks ago but srill suffering with pain in my right side where my appendixs was. the doctors has given me loads of different tablets but the pain is still there

is this normal?

A: It is possible that you have developed an internal abscess,a scan would exclude this. A check to confirm that you don’t have a low grade fever and blood for an ESR might also be indicators.

Q: I have pain in the area near my appendix?
I have pain where my appendix is. It doesn’t hurt severely, but it does make me worry a little. I am 14 years old. I think it could also be something to do with ovaries (my family has a history of cysts on the ovaries). What could it be?

A: It could be gas or gall bladder.You’re so young for it to be ovaries. This usually occurs in women at least 25 -45. Appendix symptons is pain on the right side and top of your belly button, nausea, fatigue. Please tell someone and get to a doctor to make sure. CT scan to make sure.
Take Care!

Q: How long does it take for the pain to go after having your appendix out.?
i had my appendix taken out on thursday night by keyhole surgery, and im having rather sharp pains in my appendix area, like the level of pain when i actually had appendicitis, all other pain has pretty much gone but my appendix area is really tender and hurts to touch.
ive researched it and one place it says i should consult a doctor other places have said its fine.

is this normal?

A: you had surgery less than a week ago, of course it’s going to be tender and somewhat painful. Give it ten days before you start getting concerned. it should fade a bit more each day. A sudden increase in pain accompanied by a fever would indicate a problem that you should see a doctor for.

Q: Can your appendix cause severe back pain that shoots all the way into your throat?
i first noticed the area where my appendix is to feels like bad pressure when i was takin a bathroom break from work then a couple hours later i get pain starting from the appendix area shooting all the way up my back into my throat could the 2 have anything 2 do with each other? should i see a doctor?

A: Hi, it’s very unlikely to have radiating pain from your appendix that goes upwards to your throat. The only possible way this could be related is if you had a very serious bowel condition all the way through the rectum, stomach & esophagus. This is very unlikely.
However, pain in the appendix can be serious in itself. Check your temperature. Apply some pressure to the area & release. If pain is greater as you release it, and you have a fever, you may have appendicitis. This would be a medical emergency & should be checked out by a doctor ASAP.
Hope this helps to resolve your problem. :)

Q: my pain is in the ovary area but also stabbing pain in area of appendix?
the pain comes & goes but is stabbing where i have to hold my hand to calm pain. still have appendix & am on depo for ovarian cysts. what should i do?

A: Go to a doctor. If it is appendicitis then they will have to perform surgery on you,but you can live without an appendix :) .

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