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breast pain

2 months with my first child – anybody have any home remedies?

Thanks in advance

A: When you become pregnant, your body produces higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, the workhorses that help make your pregnancy possible. These hormones prepare your breasts for nursing — and they can also make them sore and sensitive, just as they are around your period.
Most women find their breasts are most sore and sensitive very early in pregnancy; in fact, for many women, sore breasts are one of the first signs they are pregnant. The sensitivity will decrease and be much less noticeable during the second and third trimesters. Your breasts will continue growing throughout your pregnancy, however. The increase is more or less noticeable depending on how big your breasts were before, how much weight you gain, and factors such as heredity. It’s common to increase as much as two to three bra sizes, although not everyone does.
Try to avoid anything that causes you discomfort. If you don’t like your partner touching your breasts during sex right now, say so. If rough fabrics such as woven blouses are irritating, switch to soft knits for the next couple of months.

But the most important thing you can do for your own comfort is find a good, supportive bra. If your bras feel tight and restrictive, go up a size. If underwire bras are bothering you, switch to the soft cup kind. If you can, take the time to get fitted by a lingerie professional in a department store or maternity shop. Maternity bras generally have wider straps for greater support and comfort. They also offer a little more coverage in the cups and extra rows of hooks so you can adjust the bra as your ribs expand with your growing baby. If breast tenderness is bothering you at night as well as during the day, try a sleep bra — a type of lightweight cotton bra sold primarily at maternity stores — to protect you while you sleep.

Don’t worry too much, the soreness in you breasts should relieve after the first trimester. But they will get sore again after having the baby b/c then they will be full of milk

Q: breast pain?
I have recently started having a shooting pain in my right breast that goes from inside the breast straight into the nipple,they have also enlarged over the past month. I am 36years old and not due a period i hope you can help !

A: It can be you are pregnant, you have a blocked lymph node , I had that too i would massage my breast or do some exercise to get the blood pumping and that usually helped, it does go away, if it doesn’t go away have the doctor do a breast exam

Q: Breast pain?
Yesterday and today I have had this constant pain in both breasts; its almost like a sharp shooting pain and it hurts really bad. I took 3 aleve and it is not even touching the pain. I have had breast implants for 6 years and have never felt pain like this. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It is sort of freaking me out I am 25 years old.

A: Hormones or is there is any chance you could be pregnant? I would have your doctor take a look just to be safe.

Q: BREAST PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When your pregnant they say you get soreness of the breasts, well is it more like a pain rather than a soreness, a stabbing pain and hurts to touch them, where as if they were sore they would have a burning sensation??
also my breasts itch, but after i scratch there not inflamed,
do u get itcyness during pregnancy?
does u get dry patches round ur nipples when pregnant?? thanks

A: i have the same issue! my nipple itches like a megabeast! because of the itching its caused a dry patch. my boobs are sore to the touch and a little hard. i dont feel a stabbing pain, more like a throb and its on and off.

Q: What could pain and discharge from my breast mean?
I’m 34 years old I had a hystertomy about 5 years ago but I still have my ovaries. I’ve had breast pain on and off but today i started having a yellow discharge from my left breast and really bad pain. I’ve been running a light fever. Has this happened to anyone or does anyone know what it could be? I’m really worried.

A: make an appt with your GYN, you should not be having discharge from your breasts.

Q: What might cause breast pain and breast shape changes?
I found a lump on my sternum and have severe breast pain for about a week. Also i notice there are crevices developing in my right breast. I am going in for an Ultrasound today.

A: i think i would have to see them to tell you hunny.
JK send me a im as soon as you get home from the DR

Q: Is it normal to have breast pain in one breast only in pregnancy?
I remember my last pregnancy both were really sore and thats how I knew
I havent testes positive but deathly tired, very nauseated and pain in left breast and mild pain in left nipple plus crampy , sour stomach and heartburn. Maybe just sick but just wondering.

A: i get random sharp and burning pains in one or the other lol
but both of mine are sore.

Q: How to get rid of breast pain from colostrum leaking?
I’m 7 months pregnant and I have been leaking drops of clear/cloudy fluid (colostrum) from my nipples, not quite enough to wet my clothes yet. I have had no breast pain since my 1st Trimester but now all of the sudden they are very sore around the nipples. Is this because of the beginning of leaking and how can I alleviate the pain?
Thank you so much!

A: Try applying Lansinoh lanolin cream to your nipples. It helps heal them, and relieves some of the soreness. You can also get Lansinoh nipple cooling pads if the pain is really bad.

Good luck!

Q: Is it normal to have breast pain after your period and not during?
I usually experience breast pain during and before my period but I’ve been off my period for about a week and 1/2 and my breasts hurt really bad.

A: yes its normal because your hormones are barely cooling off, i know exactly how you feel!!!! i have horrible pains in my breasts that they are as hard as rocks, and ive had sooo many problems with my hormones, and im still a virgin!!!! im happy too, im not giving off my virginity to some stupid guy that wont appreciate me!!

Q: What might be the cause of my breast pain?
I’m almost 19 years old. I’ve had a concentrated, aching/sore feeling in my right breast that has come and gone for about 3 weeks. The pain isn’t severe, and it usually persists for a few minutes, goes away, and comes back later that day or the next day.

There are no lumps, discharge, or any other unusual symptoms.

What might be the problem, and what should I do about it?

A: it might be a type of cramp.
i would go and talk to your doctor about it, explain whats happening… there may be a simple explanation for it all.

Q: How bad was your breast pain with pregnancy in comparison to breast pain with PMS?
Also, were there any differences in the pain??

Usually I have breast pain between 1-2 weeks prior to my period, and its pretty painful, but managable. Right now my breasts hurst so bad nothing is a relief and the pain is different then regular PMS.
I could be pregnant, don’t know. Period is due in 5 days as far as I can tell (irregular periods so I count from ovulation, usually 16 days).

A: Very different…I don’t want anyone even looking at my breasts right now…!
I can’t even let the water from the shower hit them!

Q: For women who have had breast reconstruction or breast reduction surgey: Did you have breast pain?
I am 18 months post op and have pain in one breast similar to pre-period pain. I would rank it an more annoying than debilitating, but still a point of concern.

A: It would never hurt to contact your DR. I had a breast reduction almost 4 years ago and did not have ANY post op pain, other than under my arms where the drains entered the skin. However, when I did get close to my period, I had more breast tenderness than usual. Another way to tell if you maybe have an infection is to see if the skin is hot to touch around the area you feel pain, or if the skin is red. Hope this helps.

Q: How do I relieve breast pain from weining baby?
I have began to wein my nine month old daughter from breast milk. Starting yesterday. I took it completely away from her, and am experiencing EXTREAM breast pain. What can I do to realieve the pain? Will a pain reliever like tylonal help?

A: Did you try weaning her slowly. That is what I did with my son. I slowly took feedings away. It is alot less pain. Even try just nursing her in the morning and then before bed then take one of the 2 away after a few weeks then the other a few weeks later.
You should use cold if you decided to stick with weaning the way you are warm will just bring more milk. Don’t even let the hot water hit your chest in the shower it stimulates more milk. Don’t express it either that will stimulate also. The cold turkey way will be painful. But ice packs and motrin are the best thing to help.

Q: Has anyone had breast pain be their earliest sign of pregnancy?
I have a feeling im pregnant. I am late and now I have breast pain. I never have breast pain with my period. Has anyone had breast pain be one of their ealriest signs?

A: I’ve been pregnant twice and both times the first thing I noticed was how sore my boobs were. I could hardly sleep on my stomach they hurt so bad! So yeah, thats def. an early sign of pregnancy.

Q: How do I soothe breast pain in early pregnancy?
I’m almost 6 weeks pregnant and have had the worst breast pain in the world for about two weeks now. Any sujestions on how to minimize the pain?

A: Hot wash clothes will help. If you are sore this early man wait till they fill up with milk. The pain gets worse.

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