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can your pancreas hurt

A: your friends mom is misinformed. the medical literature shows that coffee can actually reduce your risk of pancreatitis.

Q: If your pancreas hurt, why does it hurt then? What can be done to further prevent it?

A: Pancreatitis. See you doctor for meds.

Q: what causes your pancreas???
What is your best bet to know something is going wrong with your pancreas?

My stools have been floaters for says. IMy stomach hurts bad, it way bloated, and the pain goes into my back too.
Can you help me?

A: Sounds more like gall bladder than pancreas to me, and I have trouble with both. Your doctor can tell you for sure with a quick exam and easy blood test.

Good luck!

Q: Working out your abs after an enflamed Pancreas?
Can anyone offer any advice on when is an appropiate amount of time to work out your abs after an attack of pancreatitis. I was in the hospital about 2 and half weeks ago for a week, and want to start working out again, but every time i do about 10 crunches, I start to feel it and don’t want to hurt it again.

A: The area around your pancreas probably got inflamed also. As you found out, that area doesn’t tolerate pain well at all. I would just go easy and let everything heal up. Try some different ab exercises for a while, one that do not mash in on your abs would be best. The plank is a good one, you can read about it here:

Q: please help me…………………?
this may b long but i will do my best to make it very short. thank you for clicking on this question:
basically im 14 and im going through a lot of stress. my mom almost died last year, and last night went to the ER bc she got really sick, she is out now but on a ton of meds. my bf just old me that his pancreas (im sorry if the spelling is off) you are supposed to have 30 to 40 enzymes in your pancreas, he has over 100 wich is dangerous, and im worried. school has been giving loads of hw and projects. my cousins and aunts have been having lots of probs, and my bff’s gma is dying. i have lost a bit of weight prob from stress, and tonite a few ppl at my gym mentiond it and im embarassing bc ppl are acting like im anerexic but im not, i weigh 115 or less now so that not 2 bad. im 5′4 so its should b about the weight i need to b.
please tell me what to do im just so stressed l8ly iv been hoping that i will get hurts just so i can feel like someone cares, iv told my parents and stuff and they just say that im fine. i feel like no1 is there for me, im not going to hurt myself or anything but i keep wishing i will get hurt. please tell me what to do. iv tried everything from baths and listening to music to just laying in bed to watching movies. idk what else there is.
thank you very much for you help

A: sounds like you need someone to confide in my # is 940-765-8955 or you can call your local mhmr crisis line whatever your decision is just remember that there are people that can help I meen it if nothing else call me I went through some of the same things while i was growing up

Q: Do you believe prayer can cure the sick?
I do. If you can, may you please pray for my grandmother. She is having an MRI done next week on her pancreas, colon, and liver to see if she might have cancer since her lower back has been hurting. I love her SO much and pray for her each day that she doesn’t. If you can pray for her, or at least keep her in your thoughts it would be greatly apprectiated!


A: I do believe in prayer:
On August 23, 2009, I was prayed for
and healed of these diseases and medical problems:
Arthritis in every joint of my body
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Headaches
Chronic Dizzy spells
Mitral valve-prolapse
Heart murmur
Hearing trouble
Chronic,debilitating pain
Bone spurs in the esophagus-
that caused chocking when eating and swallowing
We serve a big God, who love to Bless His children.
It is my good pleasure to tell you that what he has done
for others; He will gladly do for you, and your grandma.
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a
broken spirit drieth the bones.Proverbs 17:22
Lord Jesus,You are the Great Physician.All healing comes
from You, thank You for caring so much about those who
are ill.Touch this young woman’s Grandma,thank You
for Your healing power to heal this grandma.
Your Word says that healing is Your children’s bread.
Your scriptures declare it is Your will for Your people
to walk in health,therefore,this woman receives the healing
in her back,pancreas,colon,and all vital organs in her body,
which are in need of physical healing and restoration.
By Your stripes, she is healed, in Jesus Precious Name,Amen.
A servant of the King

Q: Drivers Ed Questions Help Please!!!!!?
1. Attention fatigue is the result of
physical exertion.
mental exertion.
lack of sleep.

2. Fatigue affects your ability to
understand traffic signals.
perceive and respond to threats.
recognize objects.
avoid pedestrians.

3. The body’s natural rhythms cause nearly everyone to be less alert during the
late morning.
early afternoon.
late afternoon.

4. The best way to avoid fatigue is to remember that
there is other traffic on the road.
more activity requires more rest.
you should drive with the windows down.
you should keep the passenger compartment chilly.

5. Drivers can compensate for short-term injuries by
going to the hospital as soon as they are hurt.
driving slower, being more alert, and allowing more time to get to their destination.
having someone else drive.
taking a bus.

6. One sign of carbon monoxide poisoning is
a headache.
chest pain.
a sore throat.
back pain.

7. People with chronic diseases that can affect their ability to drive (such as diabetes, epilepsy, and narcolepsy), must always
drive with another person in the vehicle.
have proof that their illness is controlled with medication that causes no side effects to their driving ability.
drive only during daylight hours.
have a special license plate so police know about their condition.

8. As you age,
your reflexes become a little quicker.
you should not drive.
your reflexes, hearing, and vision may be impaired.
you do not need to renew your driver’s license.

9. A major form of psychological impairment is
a cold.
the radio.
road noise.

10. The biggest issue with using cell phones while driving is
the physical distraction.
having to view the cell phone display.
holding the phone while steering.
the mental distraction.

11. Collisions involving cell phones are twice as likely to
be rear-end collisions.
be side-on collisions.
be head-on collisions.
involve property damage.

12. Which of the following is the best reason you should not wear headphones while driving?
You will not be able to talk to passengers.
You won’t be able to hear other important roadway sounds.
Passengers can’t hear the radio.
It decreases your field of vision.

13. One way to avoid aggressive driving is by
not driving slowly in the passing lane.
glaring at other drivers.
frequently tapping your brakes.

14. Sadness distracts you from driving by
increasing your concern for others.
raising your motivation.
disconnecting you from reality.
helping you deal properly with emerging situations.

15. Norms are different than written laws in that
there are no repercussions for breaking norms.
norms only apply to you if you know what they are.
norms are unwritten and enforced by people’s opinions.
you can’t break a norm.

16. Peer pressure can affect driving by
influencing risky behavior.
taking them to the movies.
causing you to brake quicker.
taking their friends to school.

17. Which of the following is the best way to control your emotions when driving?
Cry before driving.
Punch a pillow before driving.
Maintain a responsible attitude and always use correct procedures.
Talk to a friend whenever an emotional situation arises.

18. How does alcohol affect driving ability?
It increases your judgment and awareness behind the wheel.
It increases your ability to process information you receive.
It increases the chances that you will pull out of skids or sudden lane changes.
It increases the chances that you will die in a crash.

19. Alcohol has the greatest short-term effects on the

20. An effective way to deal with negative peer pressure is to
let your friends know that you know what is right for you to do.
give in so they remain your friends.
stop the car and tell them to get out.
tell them they are no longer your friends.

21. If you are driving and your friends want you to pass the car ahead in a no passing zone, you should
go ahead and pass if the road is clear.
flash your lights and then pass.
not pass and remind them that you obey the laws.
wait until the oncoming car has passed.

22. To make sure you will be physically prepared to drive, you should look at your prescription carefully to note
what side-effects they might cause that will affect your driving.
how many should be taken in a day.
whether they come in capsule or syrup form.
what the drugs can be mixed with.

23. Depressants slow down reflexes and also have a harmful effect on
reading and comprehension.

24. Laws that provide for immediate punishment for persons who fail or refuse a blood test are called
administrative license revocation laws.
motor-vehicle point laws.
zero tolerance laws.
administrative drug laws.

25. The power train is responsible for
shifting gears.

A: Your Drivers Ed pamphlet can’t be more than 20 pages at most.
It would take you virtually no time at all to find the answers there.

Besides, most of this is plain common sense.

Good luck in your studies,
~ Mitch ~

Q: Do I have appendicitis? ….PLEASE HELP?
Okay here are the details…

Thursday night after eating dinner , I threw up approximately
3 hours later. My body hurt and I began to have sharp pains (like knife strikes) on my RIGHT side (side of stomach between BELOW chests and right across my belly button -approx 4 inches to the side).

I threw up once more at 11:00 and from that point on, I was in pain I almost couldn’t bare.

Now you might ask why I didn’t go to the hospital and it is because I currently do not have insurance. I have always had insurance with my job but this year has been rough.

I had surgery in January 2007 due to my Gall Bladder being removed and it went sucessfully and since then I have not felt pain like this. In fact this has been the WORST PAINFUL thing I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED ….EVER!!!

The following day( don’t know how I made it through the night) I would try to sip 7UP and chicken broth but everything thing that went down made me feel ill.–ACTUALLY MADE THE PAIN WORSE…

I was dizzy with food, drink and did not want anything!

My side continued to hurt and still does but has died down just a bit.

I usually lay on my right side but since I got sick I am unable to. It now has been 3 days ( in a few hours) and I still have pain on the right side.

Today was the first day I was able to eat mild food like Brown rice ( plain) but the pain continues….It hurts when I cough or breathe deep. My chest also hurts at times. My back started to hurt but it was nothing compared to my stomach.

I have been weak and tired and overall worn out but today has been the best day ever where I can actually walk from room to room without felling faint or wanting to fall over.

I did call the hospital and they said I could apply for emergency Medical as I currently do not have insurance ( due to relocating -separation from job)

My friend advises me that I really need to be checked because it could be a number of things: appendicitis, Pancreas, stones……who knows!!!!

All I know is that I have came to my senses and decided to go to the dr ASAP tomorrow even if it is the ER. Of course I will go if the pain gets worse (INTENSE)

I would not have decided to go if it wasn’t for my friend sharig soe stories of real people who were sick and almost died…

Anyone out there …..can you tell me what this may be? Anyone have//had this issue??


Anyone that can help……..I would appreciate it???

Please share your stories…good or bad

Any help will be appreciated!!!!! =)
I am seeming to receive a lot of rude a** answers from those with no brains and just want to get points…..MY PROMISE IS THAT I WILL REPORT VIOLATORS!!!!!!!!!


A: I hope by now you are feeling better. You did not mention fever..however..Usually when you are having an appendicitis attack you will have high fevers to go along with it.

I do have some concerns being your gull bladder has been removed. This could be a simple stomach virus or something else. You wont know until you are seen by a doctor.

Please keep this in mind…
even if you do not have insurance the law states an emergency room cannot send you away. If you have an $60-$100 you can go to a walk in clinic and save your self big money in the long run. If none of this works for you and it is appendicitis it could burst and cost you your life.

Words I know that are hard to read from someone you don’t know.
Try this until you make up your mind…
“BRAT” Diet given to all with stomach bugs..
Good Luck To You
Feel Better Soon

Q: can you link me to a good, acupressure ear chart with the points and what part of the body they are linked to?
also I went to an Asian festival this week and a stand was putting beads in people/s ear. They gave me 6 beads for various problems and the ones for the glands (I am having thyroid, adrenal and pancreas problems) are in the inside of the ear about in the middle and when I press it hurts tremendously I can;’t bear the pain for more than 10-15 seconds. why is it hurting there so much..the others hurt when pressed but not so intensely.

Is this because it hurts when the gland/areas of the body it represents that it is on is bad and malfunctioning or is it just the area of the ear the beads are placed on is an unusually sensitive area in general. I had heard if an area s sore work it with pressurebut this is REALLY sore.

also what is that paint like white stuff they use that hols the beads on your ear points for you know what it is called or where to buy it

so my questions are

1 where online is a good ear acupressure chart with the points. Link please

2 why is it so sensitive in that area she said was for the glands on my ear

3 what is that stuff they hold the tiny acupressure beads on with

4 has anyone had success with acupressure..she said one place is going to open for acupuncture/pressure with a sliding scale..would you think this could improve my health which is not that hot this past year. Would it be worth going to.
note on question 3 the beads they put on are plastic they said so it is not held on by mini magnets. It looks like white glue or paint or something

thanks for the ear chart

I am still hoping to get others maybe with moire detail and points as some of the ones she put on are not on that chart
yes I am familiar with eft tapping and may add that but I became intrigued after attending the Asian festival and having these beads put on my ear and the chance maybe to try acupuncture if the new place is really on a sliding scale..before that it was out of my reach so I did not learn much on it. but do know some on acupressure.
I found out from a lady at my raw food potluck who uses acupressure in her treatment center that the pain is due to the organ being bad and when the pain at the acupressure ear site lessons it means the organ is getting better.

Also saw the bead and they can be gotten at any craft store and I had magnet tape that will stick them on. I also found some good charts I had in a box and apparently copied off internet a long time ago that were pretty detailed.

A: Hello Janie, Greetings! The following is the answer to your queries.
1. the link is:-
(please note it is underscore after ear) i.e. /1/ear_point.htm
2. Usually points which hurt are the ones to be treated gently until such time that the point
stop hurting you and becomes less sensitive, which is an indication that healing has taken
3. Usually they are micro magnets.
4. It takes patience and time to stimulate the points and then get healed which could be taxing
so my suggestion would be to do Acu-tapping which is popular as EFT and you could get
details of it on and type in search as EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique
which will give you all the details.
Good luck and God bless. Cheers! :o )

Q: Alcohol Quiz what do you think?
I posted this before but no one helped, so I answered them with an X do I have the right answers?

1. The following does NOT have the same alcohol content as a 12 oz. beer:

A. Depends on the type of beer X
B. 5 oz. glass of wine
C. 1.5 oz. of 80 proof distilled spirits (shot)
D.none of the above

Question 2;
Driving is a right all people have, just like drinking is a right, thus drinking drivers should not be punished if they do not hurt anyone.

False X

Question 3:
It is considered a DUI if the driver’s Blood Alcohol Content level is at or above .08. (4 points)

True X

Question 4;
One measure that can be used to reduce drinking and driving is:

A. making drunk drivers speak publicly to high school students X
B. making drunk drivers sign a contract stating they will never drink again
C. restricting night time driving by young people
D. none of the above

Question 5:
There are less alcohol-related fatalities for 18, 19, and 20 year olds than for the population over 21.

True X

Question 6;
Which amount of alcohol is safe for a pregnant woman to drink?

A. a small amount as long as the mother does not binge drink
B. No amount of alcohol is safe. X occasional glass of wine
D.It is safe after the third month of pregnancy.

Question 7
Which is not a sign of FAS?

A.small head
B. flat face
C. flat feet X
D. wide spaced eyes

Question 8
Wernicke-Korsakoff’s syndrome is caused by:

A. inflammation of the pancreas
B. a thiamine deficiency in alcoholics
C. brain degeneration X

Question 9
The Acronym FAS means:
A. Fetal Alcohol Signs
B. Fetus Alcohol Signs
C. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome X
D. Fetus Alcohol Symptoms

Question 10;
What is the leading cause of death among teenagers aged 15 through 19?
A. drug overdose
B. suicide X
C. alcohol-Impaired driving

Question 11;
If you are the driver of a vehicle, there is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

True X

Question 12
The best way to avoid a dangerous situation involving drunk driving is to:
A. Avoid alcohol and drugs altogether because you don’t need them anyway. X
B. Do what your friends tell you to do.
C. Drink just a little or limit your drug intake.

Question 13
Which of the following is a problem a baby may have if the mother drinks alcohol while she is pregnant?
A. motor skills problems
B. hearing and vision problems
C. premature birth
D. all of the above X

Question 14 ; What is the umbrella term that describes the range of effects that can occur in an individual whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy?
A. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder X
B. Fetal Disorder Umbrella
C. Alcohol Umbrella Syndrome
D. Fetal Alcohol Variety Disorder

Question 15;
Gender, emotion, mental status, and amount of time throughout consumption are a few factors that can change the effects each time alcohol is consumed by an individual.

True X

Question 16 ;
A person’s _________ can determine how quickly alcohol can have a negative effect.
A. size X
B. race
C. stomach
D. age

Question 17
All 50 states enacted a BAC limit of .08 as the legal limit for drunk drivers over the age of 21.

True X

Question 18
Females are more likely than males to report past month alcohol use. (4 points)

True X

Question 19
This law imposes potential liability on the host of a party if alcohol is served to an obviously intoxicated person or a minor.

A. adult liability
B. social host
C. MADD law X
D. minor party law

Question 20
___________ are more likely to become alcoholics.

A. children
B. adults X
C. woman
D. children of alcoholic parents

Question 21
When you get your driver’s license, you are automatically giving “implied consent” to take a breath test or other test to measure your blood alcohol.

True X

Question 22
What passes the ingested alcohol from the mother to the baby?
A. amniotic fluid
B. uterus
C. ovaries
D. placenta

Question 23
According to the NIDA, use of alcohol typically begins around age 18.


Question 24
Mandatory license plate revocation is ineffective against drunk driving.


Question 25
All of the following are symptoms of alcoholism except for:
A. craving
B. physical dependence X
C. tolerance (you have to drink more and more to get “buzzed.”)
I forgot to answer these

Question 22
What passes the ingested alcohol from the mother to the baby?
A. amniotic fluid
B. uterus
C. ovaries
D. placenta X

Question 23
According to the NIDA, use of alcohol typically begins around age 18.

False X

Question 24
Mandatory license plate revocation is ineffective against drunk driving.

True X

O and some of you that already just answered me Thanx a FREAKING LOT!!!


Q: my kitten passed away in a very unusual manner?
i had a siamese, and she was 7 weeks old. my boyfriend gave her to me as an anniversary gift in oct 24th. and from that day, she was sick and i knew inside. she was having this terrible diarreah problem and it was like straight liquid but it was light brown in color.

she had this thing where when we had food she would start srceaming and get violent to get to the food. she would eat and eat and eat and eat untill she would throw up. but then she would have diarreah and it’s like she would poop about 10 minutes after she ate, every time. it was awful.

so we took her to the vet and the vet said there is nothing wrong and she is too young to eat cat food, and he had us make her twice steamed brown rice with chicken stock and squash. so we did. 6 times a day we came home form school to make her food and give it to her. (college students).

and omg she was so skinny and i thought it was just because she was so young. she weighed 1.5. pounds at the vet that day.

and she would sleep ALL the time. i know, people say kittens are like babies and sleep alot, but is it normal for a kitten to have never played because it sleeps all day unless it’s eating or pooping?

well on nov 16th, 3 weeks later i went to my moms for the night and my boyfriend was left alone with the kitten. he did the same routine as normal, but this night went differently. around 2:15 am bella (the kitten) started pooping non stop all over the bed and the smell woke him up. so he picked her up and put her in the litter box and he saw that her hind quarters werent working and she was still pooping. so he put her in a blanket and rushed her to the emergency vet clinic.

now remember, we got her at a pets and pals and they said she was perfectly healthy.

so when she was at the vet they wanted to run some blood tests, but because she was so small and skiny when they drew blood it stopped her heart so they did CPR to bring her back. her blood test came back as she was diabetic. and the vet was telling him that she had a pancreas disease that was making the pancreas not absorb nutrients and that she was starting and dying of thirst. they weighed her and she was 3/4 of a pound.(this is less than a week after the other vet appointment). it was horrible, so he and the vet knew she was going to die unless she had extensive surgery so he opted to have her put to sleep to avoid any pain for her. and what is so cool about all this, is we have other kittens at home, and we saw some pet psychic show and it said that you can communicate i love you to your pets by blinking at them 3 times ina row. so we tried it with our 2 older kittens, and strangely they blinked 3 times back! it was the weirdest thing, they would start purring and cuddling after that too. who knows maybe they just like blinking. but my boyfriend told bella it was ok for her to go to sleep now, and she looked at him and blinked 3 times and closed her eyes and never opened them again. the vet took her to the back to euthanize her to make sure she was gone so she wasnt suffering anymore.

what i am confused about is, what really happened? what was really wrong with her? she was my pride and joy and i loved her so much. she went everywhere with me. i mean seriously, i would get up at 11pm 2am and 4 am to give her HOME MADE food. even now, with the 2 new kittend we just got last week, i am still sick to my stomach about this and it is hard for me to eat or drink anything still. i know the pain will pass with time but i just want to know what happened to my bella boo. i want to know why the pet store didnt tell us. they ran a full blood test on her and all the other kittens in the litter and said they were all perfectly fine, and then made my bf sign something saying if she gets sick they are not responsible… i am so hurt by this i am just now able to come here and write to see if someone might know what happened inside my bella. :(

A: I’m so sorry, what a sad thing to happen!!! You got her at a pet store? Did they give you documentation of the blood tests they ran? I’m sorry to say that pet stores sell sick kittens all the time. I know from experience, it happened to me twice. My last kitten was malnourished, had worms and an infection somewhere in her body when I got her. It took 7 trips to the vet to get her well. After buying her, I found out she was a stray someone brought in! I do not trust pet stores at all anymore. The lady at this pet store said that all kittens are inspected and that she knows how to give a health exam. But while in her store, (just looking, I’ll never buy anything from her again) someone brought in a couple kittens, and she just took them and put them in the display case. No Exam, she didn’t even check for ear mites like she assured me that she always does. Some people are just born liars. It sounds really suspicious that they made your boyfriend sign a release form. I am sure if they really did do a full blood work on her they would have found the diabetes. Maybe they did, but did not disclose it to you. Talk about Dishonest!!! Good pet stores will give you a free exam after buying a kitten. Or if you want to get another kitten, try a humane society, they usually pay for the kitten’s first exam. Again, Sorry about Bella, It doesn’t take long to get attached especially when you pamper them like it sounds like you did.

Q: Gallbladder Disease or Stones?
Here’s the quick version of my story! :)

For the past 14 months I have had 5 “attacks.” I call these attacks, because I am not in pain on a regular basis. I have gotten woke up out of the blue, in the middle of the night (only once did it happen during the day) with SEVERE pain in my stomach/front. It’s it a peircing pain, that seems to start up high, and just flood my complete front – side to side, top to bottom. Nothing makes the pain go away. It always goes away in about an hour. Most times I end up sick in the bathroom with diarrehea/vomiting/sweaty/hot. The next day I feel like someone beat me up in the stomach and bruised me up. Also I feel like I can’t hold in my stomach!
After attack #2, I went to our local Urgent Care the next day, they said they thought it was the onset of diverticulitis and saw the constipation in a xray. After attack 3 or 4 I realized I was most always menustrating at the times of these attacks. So, off to my gyno I go to see if it’s related.
It’s not – but they did find an ovarian cyst we’ll be taking care of – surprise! So my gyno sent me to get an Ultrasound of my Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas, and right Kidney. I got that today, and will have my results in a few days. When the Ultrasound tech pushed right where my ribcage connects, kind of pushing up and underneath, from the middle towards my right, it hurt! She asked me if there was pain in that spot, and seemed to spend some time there in a small area.

When she checked under my right side ribcage, no pain – or my right side towards my hip – no pain. But that spot right where my ribcage connects, felt like someone was pushing on a giant bruise! It’s kind of sore now after getting pushed on so hard. I don’t have pain there on a regular basis, only when she was doing that ultrasound.

Could this be the sign of a bad gallbladder or stones? Is this where the gallbladder is located? Tell me your story. Thanks in advance!

A: see a doctor since it sounds like more than just stones.

Q: Where may I find Bible verses on the following?
Someone on facebook was aying very EVIL hurtful things to my god daughter about she whines too much, this person WAS a friend, shes on meds for her pancreas, liver etc this same person in her long ranted msg said to her things like “Now I know why yoour husband treated you the way he did” and he beat her {my god daughter], also she called her a crack head because shes skinny from being sick AND her husband had her on diets etc, this same person was even chewing her out just because she dresser her dog in pink…. geez I know its only a social networking site this happened on but my god daghter was in a BAD way after so I am looking for some bible verses for these people that hurt her so… about 15 yrs gdaughter tried to commit sicide and then again at 18 for depression, still born, and then bad marriage…

The person who did this is such an allegedly avid church goer and can allegedly forgive and loves jesus… YEAH RIGHT!!! I would compare her to the god warrior on wife swap… not so ugly but just as nutty … thanks guys in advance for your help!! OR where on facebook could these messages be turned in to like for a compaint? NO ONE should tell someone to go ahead and die

A: Matthew 23:33 “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned
to hell?”

Q: Do i have Pancreatitis ?
Well im pretty sure i have hurt my pancreatitis from drinking, i’ll make that clear from the start. I should start by saying im only 24 with no family history of pancreatitis. I had a heavy weekend of drinking last weekend because of some friends parties which led me to drink 2 days in a row and i consumed quite a bit. On the 3rd day i was pretty hungover and lay around all day. That evening i walked to the shop across the road but could hardly make it because of a stabbing pain around were my pancreas is located. I came back home and the stabbing pain persisted all night and i got quite worried and read up on the internet about pancreatitis from binge drinking. Anyways, the next morning it was pretty much gone. I’ve read all sorts of things on the internet like ‘that means you can never drink again!’. I’d like advice from someone who has experienced it – does this mean theres a possibility i can’t even sit down and have one or two beers?! That sounds pretty extreme to me – obviously im not planning on drinking that much again or binge drink, but i’d like to think im still ok to have a beer every now and then! Thanks for your time guys.

A: From what you have mentioned I am unable to understand if you have Pancreatitis. However I would like to give the following information from whcih you can assess the position and also consult your doctor for evaluation and treatment thereof-

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, an organ that is important in digestion. Pancreatitis can be acute (beginning suddenly, usually with the patient recovering fully) or chronic (progressing slowly with continued, permanent injury to the pancreas).

Acute pancreatitis comes on suddenly, usually with mild to severe pain in your upper abdomen that may radiate to your back and occasionally to your chest. The pain may be nearly constant for hours or even days and is likely to become worse when you drink alcohol or eat. Bending forward or curling into a fetal position may provide temporary relief.

Other signs and symptoms of acute pancreatitis include:

-Nausea and vomiting
-Rapid pulse
-Swollen, tender abdomen
-In severe cases, dehydration and low blood pressure, internal bleeding, and shock
-You may have repeated episodes of acute pancreatitis and recover fully from each one. Still, every attack is a serious illness that can damage your pancreas and cause life-threatening complications.

Chronic pancreatitis
Ongoing damage to your pancreas can lead to a chronic condition that destroys the pancreas and nearby tissues, although it may be years before signs and symptoms appear. A few people with chronic pancreatitis never experience discomfort, but most have intermittent bouts of abdominal pain that can be severe. The pain may also become constant.

Late complications include recurrent pancreatitis and the development of pancreatic pseudocysts. A pancreatic pseudocyst is essentially a collection of pancreatic secretions which has been walled off by scar and inflammatory tissue. Pseudocysts may cause pain, may become infected, may rupture and hemorrhage, may press on and block structures such as the bile duct, thereby leading to jaundice, and may even migrate around the abdomen.

Please do not neglect. Consult your doctor. Best of luck-

Q: can someone please help me my bf has ….? what will happen?
on thursday night around midnight he texted me saying that his stomach was hurting really badly. the next day it was to, on sat. his mom took him to the doc (shes a nurse, and she figured he was developing stomach flu or somthing but then it started hurting worse) the doctors said that he has build up of enzymes in his pancreas (ignore my spelling) he said that your supposed to have 30 to 40 and my bf has over 100. my bf wont tell me anything else, he just said that he cantt eat candy or drink soda for a month but i asked if he would need surgery or anything and he just started going off topic. he doesnt like people to feel bad for him. im only 14 and im not really big in the medical field, hes 15 and since his mom is a nurse he tends to know more about doc. stuff than me, cna someone tell me what is wrong, and if he may need surgery or what is the matter, and what will the docs do in the future?
thank you very much for your time.
please i just want to know if it COULD mean surgery or somthing drastic like that. im not going to tell him or recommend him medicine or anything

A: the real issue here is lack of communication between u and your boyfriend….

sounds to me like he drank too many rockstars… he should be fine if he just lays off the sweets for a while…

but yea… i dont see a solid foundation for a relationship if he cant even fully explain a medical condition to his worried girlfriend…

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