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how to get rid of groin pain

A: It should just go away, but if it does not you must see a doctor.

Q: How can I get rid of the pain in my upper right leg?
The pain in my upper right leg feels like the thigh muscle is on fire, sometimes, and feels like an electric shock, sometimes. It feels weaker than the left leg. The pain goes from the groin, down the leg and around to the front of the knee. It seems to make both legs feel tired all the time.

I am a very active 73 year old man and I refuse to let this pain slow me down. I try to ignore it most of the time, but suddenly I’ll get a sharp pain to remind me that it is still there.

I don’t take painkillers of any kind, or muscle relaxers, either. I tried some “home style” physical therapy, but it seemed to make the muscles more tired.

I will appreciate any sound suggestions that will put this problem behind me.

A: You are lucky you made it to 73. You better slow down and go to the doctor and get a x-ray. I had the same thing happen when I was 37 I didn`t think it was anything but a pulled muscle. Hah. I have two bad hips. Get to the doctor before you make it worse. Best wishes.

Q: Hip and Groin Pain In Early Pregnancy?
I am 6w2d today, i have been experiencing hip, groin and lower back pain. It is more of a throbbing than a ‘pain’ and comes and goes throughout the day. Just want to know if it is normal at this stage of pregnancy? and how can i ease the pain if not get rid of it ?

Thanks ! x

A: I had the same thing. Your body produces a hormone called relaxin that is making your joints loosen as they get ready for the huge load you are about to carry. It’s normal. I couldn’t really get rid of it, and I think I made it worse when I tried walking.

Still, definitely talk to your doctor about it just to be sure everything is okay and there is nothing else going on.

It won’t last forever. Just keep telling yourself that. You’ll have a beautiful little miracle at the end of your ordeals. :-) Congratulations!

Q: What is this pain? How can I get rid of it?
I have this pain that has been going on for about two days now (this will be the third). It is not excruciating. On a scale of one to ten (10 is worst) it is about a 2.5. But it is constant. The pain is in my groin. To be specific it is on the left side of my scrotum and the base of my shaft. What is wrong? What should I do (besides go to a doctor). I haven’t been hit there or anything. Also it hurts only when I’m standing. It doesn’t hurt very much when I’m sitting.
nacho.munoz, if it’s a minor hernia what should I do?

A: Probably a pulled groin muscle. If you had a hernia, chances are, it would be closer to a ten in terms of pain. Call your doctor to make sure. If it is a hernia, you want to get that taken care of asap.

Q: My Groin/Lower Stomach Hurts…?
Ok so whenever i sit or put pressure on my groin/lower stomach area it really hurts. I had to go to the washroom like 5 times last night and like 15 times today- a lot more than usual and i feel a sharp pain when i use the washroom sometimes and it hurts. Im thinking this could maybe be because i havent gotten my period in like 5-6 weeks which is weird- but there is absolutely no chance of me being pregnant as i am a virgin. I don’t really want to tell my mom about it or see a doctor- im 16 and its kind of embarrassing. I’m going to take some tylenol tonight and see if that helps but this has been going on for the past like 3 days… and idea what it could be or how i could get rid of the pain?
p.s. i dont think its cramps- it doesnt feel like cramps and i get cramps alot but this defenitely doesnt feel like it to me.

A: It could be a urinary tract or bladder infection. Try drinking cranberry juice to keep this from happening. If it is an infection though, you’ll need antibiotics to get rid of it completely. And don’t worry about being embarrassed, I work at a doctors office and there is nothing to be ashamed of!

Q: How to deal with pain and injuries in soccer?
This is my first year playin’ soccer, and it’s been almost a month now in the season.
Near the beginning, something happened in my groin.
I think I pulled a muscle, but there isn’t any swelling or anything like that.
It just hurts a lot when i lift my right leg, open it to pass, running, getting out of bed, it just hurts a lot.
But not when I’m sitting.
So what is this?
And how can I get rid of it?

I stretch and drink water.
And I notice, when I don’t have practice for a few days, it’ll slowly go away.
But after game day’s it messed up.

Another thing I have a problem with is my feet really hurt lately.
Sort of on the out side half on top of the foot, and goes into my ankles.
Sometimes, I’ll wake up and it’ll be throbbing.
My mom said it was soar muscles.
I was also told that there’s something wrong with my cuboids.
So the sports trainer sort of just tapped around my foot.
And it didn’t hurt the whole game.

So are there any suggestions to get rid of this pain fully?
And what’s causing it?


A: Sadly this plagues me every season. you need to stretch alot before and after you play. When it happens to me all i can do is bite the bullet and keep playing. Than ice it. O yeah i tried putting bengay on it once… dont do that, it made the groin stop hurting but burned my nuts. which wasn’t fun

Q: I need some health advice! Please!?
First details about myself: I am 18, weight 210 pounds have asthma. I have a family of health freaks and eat only good stuff fruit every night, veggies for dinner, fish, etc.

Since the beginning of last summer, I have had problems getting an erection. This started when my friend punched me in the balls. So i took a shower and tested everything and it was fine. Then the next day i started to feel different, i started having a low sex drive and erection problems. I couldn’t get an erection without masturbating and my interest in sex felt oddly different. So i started to worry. Since at camp i am the digital media technician i had access to a computer and searched a bunch of problems blah blah blah. I also had groin pain. So when i got back from camp i went to the urologist. I had a very nasty uti that took a month and half of antibiotics to get rid of. I told him about the erection problem and said it was probably psychological. I took a bunch of cat-scans and blood tests and a hormone test. They all turned out ok.

So i came home. Still couldn’t get an erection and kept worrying. Now a few months ago i went to a funeral for my cousins grandpa. That day i had terrible unexplainable chest pains and couldn’t breath. I felt dizzy and part of it was probably due to anxiety or emotional stress. Since then i have i haven’t been able to breath well. A week later i started getting chest pains in both my right and left side of my chest. I went to my doctor and he said its nothing just anxiety.

Now, starting a few weeks ago i feel a pressure in my head when i tilt my head back i feel like i am popping bubbles in my head. I sleep for 7-8 hours and am still tired. I also get random tremors around my body. Now, every day since last summer i have been looking up symptoms and problems on the internet and have been asking a bunch of questions on this site lol. Now i want to accept that i am a hypochondriac just so i can get over it. But i worry that i have sleep apnea, anemia or any other disease.

Am i going crazy and becoming way too worried that i am damaging my mental health. Or should i actually be concerned about my health and see another doctor? If this is all due to anxiety. How the hell do i overcome it! I just don’t know. When i masturbate my penis becomes erect but my head of the penis just stays flaccid and if i don’t touch it it just goes back down. How do i overcome this anxiety so i can just be how i used too! I don’t want to live like this.

Please let me know if you think i am good and just need to relax and stay away from the internet. Or if i should go see another doctor. My pediatrician told me i’m healthy, my parents general doctor told me i’m healthy and my urologist told me nothing is wrong. I just don’t know how to overcome these problems.

I am a very socially active guy. I love my life. I have great ambition for my future. I just don’t exercise enough. I don’t want to live as a hypochondriac.
Thanks in advance!

A: You are driving your self crazy by inventing illnesses and the symptoms that go with them
Because you search the net as long till you find what you want
I f all your Dr’s tell you that you are ok :who are you to dispute that or argue even?
Stop internet searches you become a paranoid person this way:enjoy your life and forget you have these imaginary illnesses.

Q: I really need some help please?
I gotta big hockey game in about three hours. If we lose, we’re out for like 2 weeks, its a city-wide tourny. I am the captain of my team. Yesterday, we had a game, and my muscle started hurting. But, i played through it. I dont know what muscle it was. Its hard to explain. Its a deep pain in my upper thigh, and it kinda feels like i have to crack my muscle to get rid of it. It sounds ridicolous, i know. Overnight, the muscle pained a lot, whenver i turned. THis morning, it has gotten a little worse. I’ve taken 1 ibuprofen in the mornin. and went to school, it was pretty fine. Now, its startin to hurt a lil bit more. The muscle: i dunno what its called. Whenever i stand up, and its on my right leg, and left my right leg, kinda like doin high knees, it hurts quite a bit. I practiced running and did skating motions outside, and it hurts a bit, but i can fight through it. But, i dont want that discomfort, and i dont wanna skip this game coz my team really needs me. I`ve been icing it, and its helped a bit. But, how can i get rid of this pain before my hockey? any method, just please.Please dont tell me not to skip the game, coz i cant.What should i do before the game, in order to get rid of it? should i take an ibuprofen before i play, and how long before i go on the ice? Please give me some methods that can rid of my upper thigh, deep muscle pain in a couple of hours. The muscle is not my groin or hamstring, i’ve never had this type before. Last game, i stretched and did a warm up before the game, but my muscle hurts for some reason. Also, what stretches should i do? Please help.

A: Rest
i hope you win!

ok i have some pain groin (balls) area its fill like im gettin kicks in the balls i am sexual active and ive rectly decied not to have sex again untill i am married and i havent have sex in awhile what is this and how do i get rid of it im 16 btw

A: What you’re describing sounds like what we used to call “blue balls”. Usually happens when you get sexually aroused and don’t do anything about it or go without sex for awhile.

Try masturbating and see if it goes away. If not, see a physician.

Q: Embarrassing question…can anyone overweight relate w/ this problem? HELP!?
im a very over weight female, and for years ive had this where under my “gunt” i know its a terrible way to describe it, but its basically under my stomach or my stomach flap and my inner thigh/ groin area , i would get this severely red, oozing and smelly rash.

right now it is very moist and sensitive and i cant even walk correctly because i hate how it feels when my skin moves.i cant even sleep right.i know it happens when its hot too, but i duno why this happens.oddly enough it will start on one side of my body(the left) then it will somtimes migrate to the right side??

YES i will go to the dr. but this is so embarrassing that’s why ive avoided it for years

i cant put baby powder anymore because that now irritates me and vaseline burns me so much.

can anyone relate to this?? what can i do to get rid of the pain and oozing?

do you think its only because im overweight?? or is there something more to it? is this a type of yeast infection???

A: It could be a yeast infection… esp if it smells. The oozing is caused by the skins surface irritation. Try to keep those areas as dry as possible. Being over weight is a major factor as to why this is happening. I personally am not overweight, but I work on the Bariatric unit in a hospital. I see things like this all of the time. Baby powder and Vaseline are the worse things to put on it. You need a special medicated powder, and to keep it dry. You seriously need to diet, not only to clear up your skin rash for good, but for other health reasons.

Q: Have I got a hernia or a groin injury?
Have I got a hernia or a groin injury?
I have had a groin injury for 3 months now. I played 8 games of football in 4 weeks and played through the pain each time which i know did it no good. Ive had physio and stretched my hamstrings but nothing is working. I dont think its a hernia as i cant feel any lumps. How do I get rid of it?! I need to get down the docs but hes only going to refer me to someone else. Id have to wait months for an MRI scan. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.

A: if you havnt got a lump i dont think its a hernia could be other go to a sports injury clinic and ask for some advise

Q: For fun: Did your intuition about when the baby would come end up being right or wrong? ?
This is all for fun. I am 35 weeks pregnant and due Oct. 13. For nearly my entire pregnancy, I’ve had the feeling my baby was going to come the last week of September. I hope I’m wrong…it would be better for my husband and I if she’d wait until after Oct. 3 at least (when I go on maternity leave).

So, here’s the for fun question: How many people had similar intuitions, and were you right or wrong? What about family/friends/coworkers? I have one coworker who thinks I’ll give birth in September, and another that thinks I’ll give birth next week!!! Yikes! :) :)

Oh, and let’s reinerate…this is JUST FOR FUN. I’m smart enough to know that babies will come when they want to come (although getting rid of the massive heartburn, the shooting pains in my groin and lower abdomen, the round ligament pain, and other joys of pregnancy is looking mighty good at this point. I got heartburn yesterday from drinking a glass of water!) :)

God bless everyone and their pregnancies!
Oh, BTW…my little girl weighed 5 lbs even at 33 weeks, so I’m preparing for her to come on time or a little early just in case! :) :)

A: i was due feb. 22nd but had a feeling i would go early. i even had a dream that i would go 10 days early. i went into labor feb. 13th, 9 days early. and i had my baby boy feb. 14th (valentines day!!) 8 days early. so my intuition proved true.

Q: Trapped Nerve/muscle?
Hi All,

Maybe someone knows what this is, or how to get rid of it…

I woke up in my sleep last night and I could barely move my leg.

The pain when I try to move is in my groin (where my thight joins my hip). If i stay still it’s fine, but as soon as ai try to move my leg i can’t seem to.

It’s like the muscle won’t work. I can barely lift my left leg enough to walk up a step… I can just about do it, but lifting my leg really hurts, and is a real effort.

If I sit still it’s fine – like right now at my computer — but when I stand up, or eventry to move my leg when I’m sitting I can barely do it!

HAs anyone had this before? Is it a trapped nerve? How the hell do I fix it! I can’t just stay like this!!

Thanks in advance.

A: That description sounds like you pulled your hamstring and/or your groin muscle, which is a tear in that muscle… though if you were only sleeping and not running and jumping hurdles then I would question my doctor about that and pretty soon… especially if it starts swelling or turning colors.
*BTW… if you ever hurt your back and just let it pass then that injury could be coming back to haunt you… and yes, the pain in your leg could come from a back injury~~~

Q: What’s wrong with my legs?
I am a soccer player, and recently my legs have been subject to some serious discomfort. They are generally very sore and tight, no matter how much I stretch. I have had to be pulled from two pretty important games because I simply couldn’t run.

I’m not sure what is causing this. Early in the season, I had sore ankles due to the shock my feet were absorbing. However, I took about six or seven days off, and the pain went away. I went back for a couple days, and then my legs starting hurting. Although I get it everywhere in my legs, it is most prominent in my left groin, left hip flexor, and my quads.

What could this be and how do I get rid of it?

A: If you’ve had problem with the shock from running, it could be the field, type of shoes, insoles, or running style. It could be that when you returned, you adjusted your running style to prevent pain, which aggravated other parts of your leg that weren’t used to the new running style.

It sounds like a recent development, but if nothing has changed (equipment, running style, duration of play) then you might want to consult with a doctor to see if you have any problems with your joints. In the mean time, I’d say give yourself a break if possible.

Q: Have I got a hernia or a groin injury?
I have had a groin injury for 3 months now. I played 8 games of football in 4 weeks and played through the pain each time which i know did it no good. Ive had physio and stretched my hamstrings but nothing is working. I dont think its a hernia as i cant feel any lumps. How do I get rid of it?! I need to get down the docs but hes only going to refer me to someone else. Id have to wait months for an MRI scan. Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
The pain isnt really when im sitting down its when i move. Its feels like its quite deep down in my leg. Theres no unusual bulges anywhere. The thing is i could go an play 90 minutes of football but when i stop its sometimes hard to move my leg.
p.s no pain when im urinating

A: check your testicles for any type of unusual bulge, also your navel. Its important to know if the linestine has broken through . The wost case would be a strangulated hernia , that’s where the intestine is folded to the point of not letting any thing pass.Its really best to let a doc. see you asap. I dint know why you have to wait. but if it do sent improve ,Id be in the er.

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