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kidney pain

So the constant pain went away, but every so often after that I still got a twinge of that terrible pain.

So I’m hoping someone with kidney stone experience or a nurse can tell me whether or not that sounds like a kidney stone, and if a kidney stone can pass without you knowing.
I hadn’t really thought about kidney stones until I had heard that one of my friends had one. So out of curiosity I went onto and checked out some information on them.

I also know that an ultrasound might’ve shown a kidney stone…and that I probably shouldn’t have refused it. But I was on vacation, and spending 7 hours in a Canadian ER was the last thing I wanted to be doing.
Well the problem with the urine test they did was that I was menstruating that day and there was blood in the sample I gave them….also, my blood cell count was low and my platelets were high. I’m also pretty anemic…so that’s why the blood cell count it always so low.

A: Kidney stones can be as a spec which can only be properly seen under a microscope, or as large as or sometimes larger than a marble. Small kidney stones usually do not cause any noticeable symptoms. Many people with very small kidney stones, usually excrete them from the body (in the urine), without even noticing. If stones are large enough to cause obstruction of the urine flow, then they can create quite a bit of discomfort.
It sounds to me that you may have had a medium to large kidney stone. It is quite possible for kidney stones that are not excessively large, to be dislodged by themselves. It usually happens during urination (hence the reason, people with kidney stones should drink lots of water).
A word of caution: Persons who previously had kidney stones are at greater risk of recurrence. Also, persons with relatives who have or had this condition are at risk of being affected by it. So, watch your diet and drink adequate amounts of water daily.
For more information on kidney stones, visit

Q: I have severe kidney pain and foul smelling urine, ideas?
I drink ALOT of water, no coffee, no sodas, not on any medication. This is the 3rd time this year I’ve had this, never have passed a kidney stone. It usually goes away within a week.

A: You could have a UTI (urinary tract infection). It causes all of the symptoms your saying.

google it =)

Q: How can I get rid of kidney back pain?
How can I get rid of kidney back pain?

A: Drink lots of water, lay off the caffiene, take some tylenol, and go to the doctor or urologist. You probably have a kidney infection or kidney stone. Cranberry juice can help with infection, but will make some kinds of stones grow larger so I don’t suggest drinking it until you’ve seen the doctor.

Q: Can i get kidney stone pain if the stone is stuck in the kidneys?
I have a 7mm stone in my left kidney. I have been getting pain but have no blood in my urine. Can this pain be caused by the stone being stuck in the kidneys or will i only get pain when it passes through the uretha? The pain is a dull ache in my left abdomen. Cheers

A: Any movement can cause excruciating pain wherever the stone is.

Q: what are some ways to deal with severe kidney stone pain?
my dad is passing a kidney stoen and is in alot of pain. what are some of the best ways to help reduce the pain? aside from drinking lots of water, which he is.

A: he can try a heating pad for cramping and pain pills are good also

Q: What can I do to stop kidney pain?
I’ve already been to the doctor and I’m just waiting on test results to see if I have a kidney infection or anything else. Im pretty sure I do because it hurts sooooo bad! Tylenol and adivl does NOT work. Only thing that works is STRONG medicine…not even Tylenol 3! The thing is, I have to work and idk what to do. Does anyone know anything to do to atleast make the pain LESS painful? PLEASE! I can’t even move from the pain.

A: Nobody should give advice until we know what the results are, using STRONG medicines may aggravate the condition even more, the ppl on this site are not doctors and I would suspect anyone’s motives for delivering a cure.

Could be kidney stones, only guessing here, I have them 2 in left side 3 in right side, paracetomol of the highest grade can only be given on presciption, I’m surprised the doctor didn’t give u a scrip, if your in so much pain, doctors are not sadists when it comes to pain, but they must watch out for complications and whether the best medicine is the right medicine

Q: Does Anyone else have Kidney Pain during their Periods?
I do and it’s painful (I know it’s kidney pain because I had a small kidney stone when I was 15 so I am very familiar with the pain.)…my periods are horrid, extreme fatigue up to a WEEK before and during my period, diarrhea, extreme pain (I have DEMEROL for menstrual pain, that’s how bad it is)…my doctor always tells me it’s normal for some women to have rougher periods than others, my question is does anyone else experience any of these symptoms?

A: yes… i feel like i am going to die right now… i just posted a similar question. i take tons and tons of vicodins/ibuprofen/etc. The cramps are so horrific that I SCREAM, I cry, I vomit, I shake, I faint…… this is HELL. I have a weird pain in my kidney, feels like someone kicked me. I’ve had a few kidney infections so I’m wondering if this is causing such horrid periods :( Seriously, I’m in so much pain right now I’m about to go to the ER. I can’t take it.

Q: How long does pain from kidney stones last?
I went to the ER 7 nights ago from intense pain in my left side. They did a CT scan and said that it was kidney stones, gave me painkillers and antibiotics and sent me home. Every day since then I’ve been having pain off and on and will soon be out of pain medication. The doctors in the ER did not tell me how long this would last so I’d like to know when to expect this pain to stop.

A: have you passed the stone? If you haven’t passed the stone yet you probably are having the pain from it. Maybe go back to the doctors and have them recheck it . good luck

Q: Can labor pain really be compared to the pain of kidney stones?
I’m 36w2d and am starting to get a little freaked out about the pain of labor. I’ve heard that labor pains can be compared to the pain of a kidney stone. Can anyone that has experienced both give their opinion? I’ve had a kidney stone and it hurt, a lot. I couldn’t take pain meds because I just kept throwing them up.

A: Def.!

Thats exactly the pain…

Actually Kidney stones hurt more, but comparable.

Q: what to do if you can not eat or drink due to nausea from kidney stone pain?
my husband has a kidney stone. they gave him pain meds and anti nausea meds. they are not helping. he wont eat anything and can hardly drink due to the nausea. what should he due.

A: Try some Ginger Ale or 7Up…that usually kicks the nausea!

Q: How to get rid of kidney pain?
So i had a UTI for a little and i started to get this pain in my side right below my lungs. And i went to a doctors appointment and they said i had a trace of blood in my urine. I’m not sure she prescribed me for the kidney problem or the UTI but i don’t feel pain when i pee anymore. Its just i have this sharp and aching pain in my side and i want it to go away! will advil work is there other things i can do to sooth it? Thanks

A: first of all your kidneys are in your lower back and not under your lungs,and it all depends on what they gave you at your Dr. appointment, if they gave you antibiotics then it will take a few days to work,the best thing you could probably do is to call your Dr.and tell them that you are not getting any relief and tell them ALL of your symptoms.

Q: How can you differentiate between skeletal muscle pain and real kidney problems?
I’ve had a dull pain deep in my back on the left side, where I think my kidney is. I dont know if I should have it checked out or if it is just a strained muscle….I have a toddler that I’m constantly chasing after, picking up, and some times not using my weight correctly on my back/legs. Are there other symptoms of kidney infections besides pain?

A: When I pee it feels like someone is stabbing me with a broadsword up the pee hole.

Q: Kidney pain on left side but no kidney infection?
My mom got a bad fever last weekend that left her dizzy and constipated. It also caused severe kidney pain in her left side. Her doctor sent her for a urine culture and gave her 5 days of Cipro. The urine culture came back normal so it’s not a kidney infection but the pain is still there even after 5 days of Cirpo. The pain and constipation (mainly burping) is still there and her doctor doesn’t seem very interested in finding out what the problem is. Any idea what it could be??

A: She needs to go get a second opinion!
I have always had kidney problems…and sometimes
they dont detect an infection….Take her back to the doctor
Hope she feels better soon

Q: What’s a natural remedy for kidney stone pain?
I’ve experienced kidney stones twice before, so I think I can handle this one without going to the ER. Also, I’ve looked around online, but get very different answers (plus thay all want your money before they’ll tell you). I’m in pain, and don’t want to use drug if I can help it. Thanks!

A: Well kidney stone pain is like no other. Your kidney has so many different nerves to it. tylenol and ibruprofen isn’t going to help. To be honest i dont think i can recommend anything. I get them all the time too. I found a heating pad and a warm bath is about all from home. I can tell you lemon juice works to help reduce them. I hope you pass it soon and feel better.

Q: What’s the worst pain, kidney stones or giving birth?
I had about 8 kidney stone attacks. Some lasting more than a day, over a 2 1/2 year period. Till I finally got rid of them. 2 naturally and 1 surgically. I’ve heard it said a few times that it’s a worse pain than giving birth. No disrespect to the brave women out there who have given birth. I’m sure it’s very painful. But are there any women here who would like to comment on this? Who have experienced both. Is this true or not?
Also, are you still getting them? If not, for how long now and what changes, if any did you make? Diet change? Lot’s more water?
Guys, feel free to comment.

A: I have experienced both and I have to say that kidney stones hurt a lot more than giving birth.

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