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pain in left side of back

A: sounds like a pinched nerve, sciatica.
check out the back pain section at

Q: 5weeks preg. Worsening pain in left side of abdomen, and lower back pain on left side. Just got back from ER?
I am 5 weeks pregnant and today i started feeling a little pain in the left side of me, down near my ovary/tube area. It started off dull but got a little worse with some lower back ache aswell. I went to the hospital and they said its too early to tell if its ectopic or not and to go to my doctor in a couple of days to organise a blood test and early ultrasound.
Has anyone ever had the same symptoms?? Could it just be gas pain?
im now starting to feel aching back and legs as i do when i have period pain..

A: I had these exact symptoms when I was 6 weeks along. I am now 9 weeks, and it is mostly gone now. I just brushed it off as stretching pains, until I started spotting. When I went to the doc. He did a blood test to check the hormone levels. Then I had to go back and do it again in 48 hours to compare the 2 tests. He said they are both normal. The pain is ligaments stretching, and is normal to happen in one particular spot. Good luck though, and I hope that everything turns out ok for you like it did for me.

Q: Pain in left side mid goes to my back, dull, tender. feels like there are swollen knots but nothing visible?
I’m in pain, a month or 2 ago i went to the ER, they did blood work, pee test, and some kinda scan came back and said nothing was wrong with me, at the time both sides a ilttle bit above my belly button hurt. both sides, i was charged $2,000.
I am still in horrible pain. sometimes it hurts so bad i will feel light headed for a moment followed by nauseasness.
It feels like my back has knots all over it but it doesn’t, a week and a half ago. i woke up in extreme pain, I am 21, m, 270 ibs, and im 6′4.
This pain had me laying over my couch cryin and pressing on my side, wanting to go to the E.R.

I lost my job so i can’t afford a doctor. what could be wrong,

it feels almost like a muscle pain but it kinda feels like one of my ribs is gonna pop outta my mid left back side like some crazy alien vs. predator stuff.
trying to be comical but to be honest, this really hurts, i wish i could post video or pics of where pain is.

the day the pain started i recieved a total gym in the mail. as i don;t excercise much and i thought maybe my back pain is from always sitting. I’m talking sitting in 12 hour stretches, in a leather office chair. so i recieved this gym later that day. after the back pain had already started.
I have worked on it everyday, and i feel very mobile in some ways. but my side hurts so bad i don’t know what to do
i dont know if its my muscles, it kills me to bend over to far in certain positions, i cant sleep because pain,
could it be something crazy that should need to be tripping about.
obviously the ER just wants to prescibe pills and shove me on out

A: Sounds like you have alot out of place in your back, a chiropractor could probably help. Once things are out, then the muscles tighten in the area of pain & it’s just a vicious circle, as the muscles will then continue to pull the back out of place.

Q: Mid Back Pain on Left Side When Arched?
I’ve been having mid back pain only on the left side of my back for the last two months. It doesn’t hurt when I walk or lean forward. But if I arch my back backwards even the slightest it hurts so bad! I was laying on the floor last night playing with our dog and I think I made it worse because it aches today. Is this something I should see a doctor about? I don’t like going to the doctor for unnecessary reasons! Thanks in advance for your advice!

A: You have pinched muscles in your back. When you do the arch part it puts pressure directly on the muscles that are pinched increasing the level of pain. The rest of the time you are really over riding the pain. Here’s how to release the muscles that are pinched:
Place your left hand on your left leg and try to keep it straight. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and with your fingertips find the muscle next to your spine. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After about 30 seconds there should be a release happening and when it does slowly lower yourself forward onto your right leg. If you can lean over the outside edge of your leg it will be better for your release. Continue holding for a total of one minute. Then release but rest your body there for one minute longer. Then reverse and do the right side.

Q: Abdomen pain on left side, back pain on left side. What could it be?!!!?
This morning I all of a sudden had acute pain in my lower left side of abdomen. Then I felt this burning sensation spread throughout my abdomen. Abut 45 minutes later, my lower left side of back started having spasms and hurting really bad. 20 minutes later the back spasm stopped, but the burning and sharp pain continued in abdomen. Back spasms came back again and then went away. The burning will not stop and it is not my bladder. In the past I have had pain when I have a bowl movement and my bladder has had pressure on it for about eight years now, but I don’t have trouble peeing. No diagnose has been made. I don’t think I am seeing the right specialists. Does anyone know what this could be?

Thank you!!!

A: it may be the fact of do you drink a lot of water? sometimes when we neglect the nutrition needs like drinking water, eating vegetables and fruits, etc…it can cause your body some affects…for instance your back pain, try drinking some water and taking some ibprofen and see if that doesn’t help, maybe drink water more often….hope this helped

Q: Water infection now BAD pain in left side of back, PLEASE HELP!?
I had unprotected sex on saturday and ever since it’s felt like I’ve had a water infection but today (Thursday) I’ve had really bad back pains in the left lower side of my back.

Could this be an STI?
Or something serious?

As it’s close to Christmas I don’t think I’ll be able to get
a doctors appointment for a while now.

Please Help.

A: never have unprtected sex unless u want a child

Q: Why did i just get a sharp pain on my left back side of my head after I sneezed?
I’ve been sneezing a lot lately, (probably 10 times today at least) and I just sneezed and got a weird pain in the back of my left side of my head afterword. I know it didn’t, but it feels like I like my brain swelled. The pain is gone now…what do you think it was?


A: Maybe its because you lean in alot when you sneezed and worn out your back, go to a chiropractor, although their not doctors they know alot about these kind of things, so go.

Q: Does protein or not enough protein cause constant clear urine and pain in left back and along the left side?
I been having constant urination clear, drinking alot of water and cranberry juice and supplements for a month now or so, sometimes feeling dehydraded, Slight discomfort on the left side to the back. My urine test showed a low protein count, the blood electrolites were good. Does anyone have some advise or suggestions as to what herb or hollestic treatment is out there.

A: there should be NO protien in your urine, if there is, then there is a problem with the kidney. I’d suggest you see a urologist or a nephrologist to rule out a kidney issue.

Q: Head pain left side back of head..Help?
For 2 days i have had a pain in my head at the back on the left that lasts for no more than a few seconds. It then goes away for a little while and then comes back. The pain is sharp and always in the same area. Advice? Info? Please.

A: This sounds as if you have a neck and head misalignment. The place you are describing is the exact location of a muscle insertion. If your head and neck are misaligned, this will hurt. It starts out with pain like you are describing. So when the muscles contract it can hurt. But then the muscle relaxes a little bit and the pain goes away. However, this will normally progress into a more constant pain and can even cause some pretty bad headaches.

I would recommend that you go to a chiropractor and have them diagnose your problem. More than likely they can help you by realigning your neck and back. This will allow the muscles to relax and then you will have relief from your pain.

I really wish you the best

Q: lower back pain, left lower side of back area?
I am having pulsing pain in lower left back area not mid back. Comes and goes but mostly an aching heartbeat throbbing kinda pain. dull ache in mid back also.
sore when i touch the lower area
feels like pulled muscle but not sure why throbbing
my period just ended

A: your kidney is in the area you are describing s you could possibly have a kidney infection.

If you have a kidney infection then you may also be experiencing a need to go to the bathroom a lot more and will also tend to have a smell to your urine. You will also develop a fever

If you have any of these symptoms then I would suggest that you see a doctor immediately as kidney infections need to be treated with antibiotics and if left untreated can cause irreversible damage.

If this isn’t the case then you are probably just experiencing a pulled muscle and can take an ibuprofen for the muscle aches.

Q: lower back pain left side?
I started with a minor ache in the lower left side of my back. I though it might be a kidney infection and started treating with cranberry pills. The pain has gotten worse and is at its worse when up and moving around will kind of catch. I m not sure if I should go to the doctor for a uti or more like a bone and joint for back injury even though I have done nothing to have caused injury?

A: Are you drinking lots of water every day. I tend to do the same. You need to drink 6 – 8 glasses a day.
If the pain is just under your ribs then I suggest if it hasn’t gone after a day or so of drinking lots then go see your doc.
Apparently water boiled with parsley then cooled is great for the kidneys too.

Q: Pain left side/lower back, what is it?
Okay, I know I’m not getting a doctors diagnoses here but I’ve already complained to my doctors and they are not saying much.. My lower left side of my back has been hurting a little over a week now. At first I thought I slept wrong but it got so bad over the weekend, whenever I laughed, walked, ran or moved around. The next day was a little better and the day after that was a lot better. I still went to urgent care because people said it could be kidney stones or and infection. The doctor did a urine test and said everything looked fine. Now I do have ovarian cysts on my left side so she just said the pain could be caused by the cyst and sent me off with painkillers. Now the pain is back and it woke me up in the middle of the night. On top of that I’ve had 3 cold sores and am on my second term of being sick with a cold in less than a month. Not to mention I’ve been extremely tired and week, more than I ever felt in my life. I finished off a whole series of antibiotics and am still sick. What’s the deal? I’m half tempted to go the ER but I don’t want to go if it’s nothing.

A: Go to the ER, get a second opinion. Ruptured Cysts and kidney infection, etc.. will give you a fever of sorts and need to be treated appropriately. Pain killers may ease the pain for a bit but they won’t solve the problem. Better safe than sorry. Your sciatic nerve is on your left side. Once that is impinged on or strained you will get tremendous pain on your left side, starting with the soft part of your lower back (where your kidneys are), down the middle of your butt and to the outside of your leg and will eventually move down your left leg in a kind of winding way.
If you have been coughing you could easily have thrown your back out.

Q: Pain in lower left side of back and gose down to my leg?
I’v been having sharp pains in my lower left side but more toward my back and the pain gose down my leg i dont drink soda at all or anthing with sugar in it, just water, it’s been going on for a few months ….what do you think could be wrong?

A: Possible sciatic nerve. This just happened to me from bending over funny one day. It’s still persisting after 6 weeks, but has gotten a lot better. Try elevating your legs at night when you sleep, and avoid doing things that could injure it further. I’ve been taking Ibuprofen, use what your doctor tells you would be safe (as an anti-inflammatory).

Another thing that can help a TON is spinal decompression. Lay on the floor, with a rolled up towel under your neck, and elevate your legs to 45 degrees on a chair, table, etc. Sit like this every day for 15-30 minutes. You should definitely notice relief. I did after 2 days.

Q: Back pain upper left side?
Okay for about 4 months I have noticed a pain near my left shoulder blade and around that area. This is located upper left back and the pain has gotten worse over this time. It is hard to really put into words as to how it feels, it makes me feel sick to the stomach, very tired and fatigue, it feels burning and tender. I have had a massage therapist and she said she could feel the area as it is inflammed and where the pain is, you can see a small buldge area which is like a sore knot. I am scheduled to see a chiropractor next tuesday so I hope it works out. After receiving a great massage, I notice the pain goes away somewhat but comes right back the next day. I sleep with a heating pad and take flexorol and 800mg ibrophen but nothing really works. I also go a xray done of my spine and that came back normal. I am wondering what could cause this pain as it feels like its located all around on my upper left side of the back near and under the shoulder blade area and it moves to the right some near the center of my back. My breathing is fine and I feel okay but worried about this. I am 27 and in fair shape, office job, not a gym rat.

A: Hate to say this, but it could be the desk job. I’m currently a massage therapy student, but I previously worked a software support hotline for about ten years. I developed the same type of pain, which seemed to worsen later in the day. I really didn’t make the connection between the pain and my job until I made a career change and got away from the desk. Apparently, in my case the combination of sitting at the desk, poor posture, keyboard a little too high, hours on the phone each day, and stress resulted repetitive strain to the muscles that move the shoulders. (My shoulders were tensed in a perpetual shrug.) You might have better luck applying an ice pack instead of heat, make sure that your workstation is ergonomically suited to you, and invest in a phone headset if you don’t already have one.

Q: Lower Left Side Back Pain?
What can be caused for lower left side back pain? It’s not the middle of the back nor the spine, so I know it’s not that.

But, it feels like I have a bruise there or something. But, no marks or anything around the area. I’m 12, and my mom is a nurse. I asked her, she didn’t know and shrugged it off. But it hurts when I breath in sometimes, and I can barely sit without hurting.

Any idea what it is?

A: Emily: I am not a dr. but I do have lots of back pain in various areas of my back. I am surprised your mom is not more concerned for you. I will give you some answers as to what it may be. It could be a strained or pulled muscle, something wrong with your kidneys(an infection possibly) but you are young to have kidney infections or problems unless you have had them in the past and are prone to them. I could be a muscle spasm and those are very painful. It could be that your sacroiliac could be causing some problems, a sacrotuberous ligament could be stretched or pulled like I had and it was very painful to sit. But other than the things I mentioned, I don’t know what it could be. I am stumped. You need to see a dr. for a check up on what it could be. I would not let it go. Tell your mom it is really hurting you and you would like to have it checked. Good luck!

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