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stomach cramps abdominal pain

A: Problems with the organs in the abdominal region i.e. the digestive system, liver, gall bladder,pancreas, appendix and kidney could be the main reasons for a bad stomach ache. Gastroenteritis can give you a severe stomach ache, while stomach pain from cancer may only be mild. I found a lot of great information on causes of stomach pain and its treatment at

Q: Stomach cramps/pain + vomiting if I eat too much?
For the past 2 days, I have been feeling awful. Stomach cramps, abdominal pain etc. And the cramps are not where they happen during my period.

I cannot eat as much as I used to now, since it started, or else I get awful stomach cramps and I throw up. instead of being able to eat 2 pizza slices (just using as a reference), 2-3 garlic sticks and a cup of soda, I can only drink 1/4 cup of liquid + 1.5 slices of pizza, and anymore and I will get severe stomach cramps that last 30min after I have vomited up what I’ve eaten. AND I am still hungry, though I know if I eat more, I’ll get sick.

Any idea what this could be? Not sure if it is related, but I also have a white spot on my right tonsil that hurts, looks like tonsillitis. I also get bloated where I normally do during my period + slight vaginal pain in addition to stated above.
I have never had sex.
porker? >.< I am asking why I get cramps and severe stomach pain + vomiting when I eat less the usual, and am still hungry. clueless

A: First, if there is a chance you may be pregnant…. TAKE THE TEST!

If not… there are a few possibilities. The white spots on your tonsils could be a protein build up, salt water gargle may get rid of that.

The food and stomach issues could be chrones disease. Either way, please go see your doctor

Q: what causes stomach cramps, severe abdominal pain every week, migraines, and lack of menstral cycle in women!?
The lack of menstral cycle lasting over 2yrs! and the weight gain being over 40lbs. in the last three years! (I have suffered with this for a long while, and my pap smear, ultrasound, scope, and blood work “came out fine”) and, my HMO doctor gave me some hormon pills to start my m. cycle which the prescription was only for a week, and now that my doctor says that since it worked, i should keep taking it. Problem, my provider will not pay for the prescript. and my doctor won’t write me out one that they will pay for. I make 3,000 dollars annually, live quite poorly because of it, have a massive amount of family history on both sides of family of cancer and health problems (youngest being 12yrs.), have suffered with this since i was 12, and doctor says make app. at health dept. for the pill! Even though i called and was told she needs to write me prescription since insurance said they’d cover anything else that my doctor gives me for hormon pills, but, she won’t!!! is this hormons

A: obesity or stress

Q: Gas, bloated stomach, abdominal pains/cramps and chills, what is it?
I came back from Africa three weeks ago, I took all necessary precautions; anti-cholera drink, avoiding ice-cubes in drinks/salads, neutralizing all of our water before drinking it etc… After eating out at restaurants (but still being safe) for the last three days I felt ill when we flew home, had diarrhea every 5-10 minutes on the flight. A couple of other people (there were 20 of us) felt ill as well.

When I got back, the diarrhea got a little better but I still had urgency to go to the toilet 3-4 times a day, found it hard to go out without knowing where the nearest toilet was. After a few days I tried to change my diet a bit, I found eating less fat, no caffeine and high fibre seemed to help but the problem didn’t completely go. I was still sometimes having diarrhea, and sometimes passing “normal”-looking stools.

After a week I saw the doctor and had a stool sample taken, but he hasn’t gotten back to me, which i assume means that there was no infection from Traveler’s Diarrhea or something similar.

At various points I got chills and felt nauseated but I was never sick and never had a temperature (which makes me think it’s not food poisoning). I’ve thought I’ve had IBS for a few years now, so I settled on the idea that maybe something had just irritated it and my IBS was making it worse so it was taking a long time to get back to normal, but I avoided my normal “problem” foods (caffeine and nuts). From week 1 – week 2 the urgency to go to the loo/abdominal cramps would be eased by passing gas.

Now it is week three, and I have noticed that my stomach bloats up throughout the day, without necessarily relating to when I’ve eaten/the size of my meal. I have noticed that a lot of fat seems to make the situation worse (I pass a not fully-formed stool every day at the moment) but I was advised by my doctor to eat as normal, in order to let my system get used to my foods again. (The rest of the people on my trip are all now completely fine by the way, so it’s just me. Which makes me think it wasn’t the food/hygeine there)

I don’t know if this relates to my menstrual cycle or not, but I’ve also noticed that when I prod the right hand side of my abdomen, it feels very tender and hurts a little. Is this just because I’ve been reading up about appendicitis?

It’s not unbearably painful when I get the urgency to pass gas, but it is very annoying beause it means I feel uncomfortable when I go out somewhere and there are few seats/toilets near. Plus I’m going back to school in four days, and it is going to be reaaally embarrassing…

Does anyone have any ideas?
I wouldn’t have thought it was Chron’s disease as the abdominal cramps have just felt like an urgency to go to the toilet until today, when I got the pain in my side. This has only just started so it’s not a major symptom

A: Take a probiotic

Q: diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain/ cramps on right side, and stomach pain . whats wrong?
i’ve been to doctors and had mutiple test done.
they are still looking for answers.

A: Sounds like irritable bowel but I would think that would be first symptom they would deal with. But if it continues to hurt and not getting answers fast enough, call the doctor back and tell them it is still hurting. Good luck.

Q: How long can an upset stomach or food poisoning last?
I have had diarrhoea for about 3 days and also i have been suffering from slight stomach cramp and abdominal pain. The stomach/abdominal cramps/pains haven’t been severe, but i can still feel them and also a slight pain in lower abdomen area. Should i go doctor?

A: Yes. Food poisoning can kill as you know and certain food poisoning is contagious to anyone around you. But probably isn’t food poisoning.

Q: I am having lower abdominal pain stomach cramping and a sharp pain shoot from my vag to my stom am i preg?

A: This may be more of a serious medical problem. You should see your physician. Could be a type of infection.

Q: severe abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, vomiting… any ideas?
25y/o old Female, no major pre-existing health conditions. 3 days ago I began to get bad abdominal and lower back pain and stomach cramps accompanied by vomiting. Over the past 3 days, intensity has fluctuated and vomiting was gone, but back now. I have also had diarrhea. The pains I am having are in my entire abdomen area and around my sides into my lower to mid back. It feels like I am repeatedly being stabbed. The nausea is just about unbearable. I dont particularly like going to the docs, but it appears I may have to. I was just wondering if these were common symptoms of anything that anyone knew of.
Just FYI, it is not my monthly friend coming to visit (that was 2 weeks ago). I have ruled out pregnancy because I am on the pill (and just to be completely positive, I took a home test).
Any ideas on what may be causing these symptoms, please advise!
Thank you.

A: The possible causes are never ending. Most commonly related to those symtoms, peptic ulcer comes to mind. If left untreated can get pretty nasty.

Might also just be a stomach virus.

Kidney infection.


Stress related.

I’ve always been advised that anything unbarable should be taken care of immediately. Especially pain not responding to pain medication.

Schedule an appointment or head to the ER. Apendicidis is very common among your age group and can be deadly and quickly too. The symptoms come on very hard & quickly.

There was about 4 months would I couldn’t keep anything down but small amounts of non-heavy stuff and always felt nauseous. Very simular to pregnancy symptoms but I wasn’t. I had real uncomfortable gas pains. I later found out that most likely I was just really stressed out and my body was reacting.

Just get checked sweety. The worst to happen is you’ll feel better in the long run :)

Q: Cramps, Abdominal pain?
Can anyone help?? First off I went to the dr monday because of really bad back pain and stomach cramps. (Thought it was my period??) Well dc. took a pregnancy test and came back positive very faint line because she says I’m early, because I have not missed my period yet. Can anyone shine some light on why I’m hurting like this (cramps and back pain) I have to go back next week to have my hcg checked again..

A: It could be ANYTHING. Some women (such as myself) simply experience light cramping and back pain in early pregnancy. Other women experience this when the pregnancy is etopic or is not going to make it to term. In this instance, you really will have to just wait until you have your hcg checked again. But I wouldn’t be overally concerned. Be sure that your taking your vitamin everyday and eating a healthy meal with plenty of folic acid. This will help your baby best (along with plenty of rest, of course).

Q: blood in diarrhea [bad] and abdominal pain?
its 3:30 am and i just had blood in my diarrhea along with some very bad stomach cramps/abdominal pain and was wondering if i should see a doctor immediately or can it wait

A: This is nothing to mess around with! Go see a Doctor or go to the Emergency Room. You could have picked up a bug from contaminated food to possibly Peritonitis or a number of things that could kill you.

Q: What might cause bleeding a week before my period, along with lower back pain and minor abdominal cramps?
I’m on birth control, and have been for about 7 years. I normally spot in between periods for 2-3 days. This month I had unusual spotting, heavier at first, bright red, and now just pink. This has been going on for a week now and I should get my period on Tuesday. Along with this, I’ve had a lower back ache all week, which is unusual for me, and every now and then mild cramping in my stomach. The pain in my back also seems to extend down through my hips and legs as well. Any ideas? My doctor wants to wait until June 6th to see me.

A: It’s probably just an irregular cycle, which can still happen on BCP’s, although it’s rarer. The other possibility is that something went wrong and you were pregnant but are having a miscarriage. At any rate, unless you suddenly start having a whole lot of heavy bleeding or the pain gets really bad and you develop a fever, seeing your doc in three weeks is probably OK.

Q: Abdominal stomach pain-14 yrs old?
i am 14 and i have recently been having small stomach cramps. When i was 12 i had these small stomach pains, and after a while i felt dizzy and as vomitting about three times a day, i stayed home form school for two weeks. i occasionally get the same pains sometimes, but they only last a couple of hours. i really want to know what is wrong—heres some info that might help:
it hurts more when i stand up and straighten my back
if i breathe out to bloat myself it hurts
if i breathe out to bloat myself instead of my stomach being rounded, there is a crease that goes across my belly button, it is only there when i have this pain. i really want to know?-please answer

A: I had similar problems when I was 12 and my mom took me to the pediatrician who referred me to a gastroenterologist.

After a few tests I was dxed with an illness and put on medications to stay well. Have your mom take you to the doctor to be check. Tell her what you told us. We can’t dx you online. You need to see a doctor…preferably a GI so he can see what’s going on inside your digestive tract.

Q: Do i have stomach flu or food poisoning?
This is my 4th day and im having stomach cramps,abdominal pain and watery diarrhea. Is there a treatment to get rid of these symptoms?
age:im 20 years old
no fever
last thing i ate was shoyu chicken
location:oahu hawaii
nope im the only one who gets it every time summer begins
mostly i eat foods that stay in the fridge for about 2 days and i dont microwave my food because im very lazy :)

A: Sounds like stomach flu to me. Norovirus to be more specific, the symptoms you included match up to it. The best thing to do is keep hydrated (drink gatorade) and get a lot of rest. you should go to a doctor, because if the symptoms persist for more than 2-3 days, your condition can be serious, and needs some medical attention.

Q: Three weeks after unprotected sex, and i am having stomach pains. Am i pregnant?
Okay, so this boy and i had unprotected sex when i though i was off my period. However, the next day i realized i was still on my period because i started bleeding again. This was not my first time to have sex so I know it was my period. That was three weeks ago and now i am having stomach cramps, lower abdominal pains, and my uterus seems to be swelling and it hurts. My stomach feels really hard too. Am i pregnant?

A: totally see a doctor, or …if you can’t then, idk what to tell you, im sorry :)
good luck

Q: Can anyone help me with lower abdominal/stomach pain after….?
oral sex and being fingered? Last night my boyfriend messed around and he went down on me and fingered me, and since I woke up this morning I’ve had pains in my stomach almost like period cramps, but its no where near time for that. Any suggestions on what this could be and how I could alleviate the pain? Thanks
my lower back is hurting too, and im sore all over

A: Sex, or sexual activity causes cervical / uterine contractions. This is not that uncommon. The muscles in your lower abdomen also contract when engaging in such activity, and the combination of those events are what gives you residual pain/cramping. As long as it doesn’t persist, no problem. If it does, then you may need to get in to the Dr.

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