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wrist pain

I play on the computer a lot and I have been experiencing a lot of pain where when I move my hand, It hurts to move. And when I let it sit still, I get a burning or restless sensation. Can somebody help me with possible remedies like massage techniques or cremes that may help it go away? Please help.

A: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of wrist pain. You may feel aching, burning, numbness, or tingling in your palm, wrist, thumb, or fingers. The thumb muscle can become weak, making it difficult to grasp things. Pain may extend up to your elbow.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when an important nerve (called the median nerve) gets compressed at the wrist because of swelling. Such swelling can occur if you:

Do a repetitive motion with your wrist like typing on a computer keyboard, using a computer mouse, playing racquetball or handball, sewing, painting, writing, or using a vibrating tool.


Use fat tool handles. If your tool handles are not fat then use some rubber grip to fatten it. Keep knives and other cutting tools sharp so that less pressure is exerted on the median nerve. Do not hold a pen with a tight grip while writing.

Always wear a wrist splint, especially at night. Apply an ice pack on your aching wrist, it will lessen the pain. If ice is unavailable, go for a hot treatment. Apply a heating pad on the aching wrist.

Include vitamin B especially vitamin B6 in your diet. Avoid packaged foods because it contains tartrazine which interferes with vitamin B6.

Before you make any changes in your medication, or try a natural anti-inflammatory, make sure you discuss the decision with your physician. Natural supplements do not come without danger or side effects and should be used with caution.

Some physicians recommend capsicum cream, made from red pepper, cayenne pepper or chili pepper fruit. You can apply this cream to your wrists four to five times each day. Sometimes relief takes up to one month of consistent use. Be careful to wash your hands thoroughly after using capsicum cream, as it can cause a burning sensation in sensitive areas such as your eyes.

Some people with arthritis will find relief from using one-to-two tablespoons of ground flax seeds each day. The omega-3 fatty acid content of flax seeds appears to be beneficial for some people. Other foods high in omega-3 fatty acids include cold water ocean fish and cod liver oil.

Other Suggestions for Carpal tunnel syndrome
Obese people should shed some weight. Take a break at regular intervals and do some stretching exercises of hands and fingers. Do not sit or stand in the same position for a long time.

Q: wrist pain?
i woke up the other day and there was a pain in my lower arm by my wrist. it hurt all day, and 2 days later it still hurts. when i even very lightly rub the top of my wrist the pain comes, so i think the pain is coming from my wrist and making the rest of my arm hurt. it seems to hurt when i touch it lightly more than if i press on it. it is very weird. can this be a blood clot? or maybe i just slept on it weird?

A: sprained your wrist during sleep ,

Q: Wrist pain?
For the last 2-3 weeks now, I have this pain in my left wrist. To replicate when the pain occurs, hold your hand horizontall flat, then try to point your whole hand toward the floor without moving your arm/wrist. Serious pain. It’s right at the bottom of my hand where it meets the wrist. Any ideas? When should I see the doc?

A: I think it is time to see the doctor now. 2-3 weeks is long enough to indicate that it is an ongoing problem that needs treatment.

The area you are describing is where there are a lot of tendons and muscle in there. A doctor can help with diagnosing it. You may need hand therapy and/or a splint. Sometimes even a cortisone shot will help.

Have you tried taking an anti inflammatory like Aleve or Ibuprofen? That can help with the inflammation and ice for no more than 20 minutes at a time can also ease your pain.

However I highly recommend that you see your doctor.

Good luck!


Q: Wrist PAIN….?
When I grip the racket for badminton ( in gym) and now when I hold my hairbrush my wrist hurts. It is my right wrist’s left side going up into my thumb. My mom has tendinitis in her wrists if that helps. I’m only 12 (going on 13!! ) I don’t know what this is….

A: Yo may have tendinitis or as the person above me said, carpel tunnel syndrome. You better tell your mother before this turns into something worse.

Q: Why do I have right wrist pain when I swing a golf club or bend it a certain way?
I have a sharp pain in my right wrist but it only happens when I twist or roll my wrist/hand a certain way. I get the pain at the start of the second half of my golf swing where you roll your wrists. It is usually a sharp pain when I hit the ball as well. The pain is on the back of my wrist and when i bend my wrist forward i can see a little bit of inflammation. What could it be?

A: You could have a ganglion cyst. You said you can see some inflammation on the back of your wrist. Most gc’s are found on young adults and on the dorsal (back side) of your wrist. It’s a pretty simple procedure to drain the cyst.
It could also be that you have repetitive use syndrome if you play a lot of golf. If that’s the case you need to rest your wrist until you are pain free. Then when you play wear a wrist support.
Good luck!

Q: How to cure wrist pain and discomfort?
I feel bones moving in my hand and wrist. Sometimes I can’t grip anything because I feel knives moving inside and the pain is so bad that I can’t do normal daily activities. I want to cure this problem. I ice it everyday as well as splint it and ACE wrap it. I also use IcyHot. Nothing works. I can’t even make pizza crusts at work anymore. I NEED HELP. PLEASE HELP ME.

A: your wrist is probably brokn or sprained you need to go to see a doctor theyll take x rays and DONT WAIT, YOU MIGHT NEED SURGERY TO PUT THE WRIST IN PLACE….. I SUGGEST SEE A DOCTOR IMEADIATLY!

Q: I have been having wrist pain during and after playing guitar what is wrong?
I have played for awhile and i am 17. Recently I have been getting sharp pain in my right wrist while playing even things that are not so difficult(such as master of the puppets by metallica). All i need to do is find out why. Before recently i have never had pain in my wrist while playing.

Thanks for the help

A: You shouldn’t be having the problem if you play much at all,,, it’s not like that a hard song,,, here’s a link that might help you

Q: Is there any cure for wrist pain?
I’ve been sitting infront of the computer doing work for around 12 hours everyday. Now my right wrist started to pain due to using the mouse for long hours… Is there any cure or remedies for this?

A: Give your doctor a call and inform him of the pain and also the duration of time spent at the computer. He may be able to prevent this from becoming a chronic condition.
He may ask you to come in, or suggest a specific treatment you may do at home! Take care..

Q: What can I do to minimize wrist pain?
I’m on the computer 8 hours a day, primarily for work. I’ve started to notice my wrist tightens or locks up on meafter I’ve been on the computer for a while. It hurts! I’ll stop for a bit, stretch, let it rest, but when I get back to work the pain starts all over again. I’m pretty much shot for the day. What can I do to relieve this pain? It’s only my right wrist. (So of course I’m right handed.) Then every once in a while I get this striking pain in my hand. It’s annoying b/c I want to work more but I can’t. I’m only 25 and this is my livelihood. I’m a writer, so I’m a bit worried. Any ideas? Also what kind of doctor would I go to for this?

A: pain killers. or just put ice on it, and elevate it….don’t do much with your wrist..let it rest.

Q: Can any musicians help me with my wrist pain?
I play clarinet in a university concert band, and for a long tim now, as the rehearsal progresses I start to experience a lot of pain in my right wrist, the one that holds the weight of the clarinet. I feel like I have to shake my hand out anytime I get the chance, and the pain limits my dexterity while I hold the instrument. Has anyone else experienced this? And what did you do?

A: Yes, I have experienced something similar to this.

What I did (and it worked)
I used a wrist splint to immobilize my hand during everyday activities.
I drank more water.
I took Ligaplex.
I began doing hand/wrist/arm/shoulder stretches before and after playing.

You have repetitive strain injury (this is a generic term – there are many different types of RSI).

Hopefully you can head it off before damage is done. Stretching your hand/wrist/thumb **before and after** playing is your best hope. Just as an athlete would stretch before exercise.

What happened: I was practicing (a TON) in preparation for a gig and I injured my hand and wrist. Halfway through a song my hand would be in a pain… like how your bicep would feel after doing a curl over and over… eventually the muscle tells your brain “I need to stop”, but in the form of pain. That kind of pain.

Eventually it turned into tendinitis in my wrist and it spread to my finger tips, thumb, and parts of my hand. Like little pin pricks and it just hurt when I played and it sucked… BUT I beat it!!

Stretching before playing IS CRUCIAL. Water helps a lot (stay hydrated). Taking Magnesium, or better yet Ligaplex will help strengthen your tendons.

In reality you should lay off the playing right now. I know you’re not going to… but take it as easy as possible.

Avoid extra stress on your hand – a wrist splint is nice because you can take it off whenever, but when it’s on it takes the pressure off the wrist.

**Make sure you stretch your hands, fingers and thumb often.

Q: How can doing pushups eliminate wrist pain?
Are there any other exercises that eliminate wrist pain or strengthen the wrists?

A: LIFTING WEIGHTS! i went to the doctor yesterday and i asked them about my frequent wrist and ankle pains because i am a cheerleader, and she said to strengthen them lift weights. but not the EXTreme heavy ones

Q: Why do I have left wrist pain when I swing a bat?
I have a sharp pain in my left wrist but it only happens when I twist or roll my wrist/hand a certain way. I get the pain at the start of the second half of a baseball bat swing where you roll your wrists. What could it be?

A: too much masterbating, leads to less master batting.

Q: Are Handeze gloves good to have for an artist and you dont have wrist pain?
I’m a 22 year old comic book artist and dont really want to end up with wrist pain or arteries, or something like that later in life. Would getting these now help with that and maybe prevent or slow it down, or are they meant just for people who already have pain and this just helps with it?

A: hey
it may help
for a creative mind
and for a person who works hard
nothing is impossible

Q: What should you do if you have hand or wrist pain?
I have had hand and wrist pain before probably from using my computer. What should I do?

A: The fact that you experience wrist/ hand pain with activity may be an indication of nerve entrapment such as carpal or cubital tunnel syndrome. The hallmark symptom of these is usually tingling or numbness in one side of the hand or the other-pain is a less common complaint. Pain or tingling at night is most specific for these. Tendonitis may be developing. A wrist splint will not solve nerve entrapment or tendon irritation but it may make you feel better while you are wearing it. Be certain that you are sleeping with your elbows relatively straight, not bent. This is the cause of cubital tunnel syndrome. It’s unlikely that computer use itself is the culprit.

Q: I had severe hand/wrist pain. How do you recover from computer related injury?
I had hand/wrist and elbow pain so bad that I couldn’t use the computer at all. Then, I took a break from work. How do I recover so that I can use my computer again up to 8 hours a day for work?

A: I’ve had borderline carpal tunnel syndrome for years. The only way to heal is to rest it, or at least not overuse it. 8 hrs. a day may be too much for a year or two after this injury, depends on how bad it is. Of course, depending on the severity, you may need surgery.

They sell these wonderful support gloves at most drug stores. They kind of compress the wrist, which can relieve some of the pain. I wore one for about a year, and it hasn’t hurt as much since then.

I have also tried electrical stimulation with a Tens unit – it really does make it feel better. Sometimes you can get your doc to prescribe a Tens unit to manage your pain.

Hope this helps!

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