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kidney infection symptoms

A: frequent urination, burning during the urination, low back pain low abdominal pain….drink plenty of water and cranberry juice or grab a few beers

Q: How long does it take for antibiotics to start relieving symptoms of a kidney infection?
As far as pain, burning, sense of urgency and overall fatigue/malaise go. The antibiotic is Bactrim, 2x/day.

A: Usually within 2 days but continue till finished with all pills!
Make sure you drink plenty of water too!!

Q: Finished antibiotic for kidney infection still having symptoms of infection present. Why?
Cipro was the antibiotic I took.

A: If you are still having symptoms, you need to be talking with the doctor that prescribed this med. Sometimes a 3 day, 5 day or 7 day dosing does not clear up a urinary tract infection completely and the prescription needs to be extended. That is also why they often recommend that you have a repeat urine test done right after you finish the antibiotics to make sure it is cleared up. Until you can reach your doctor, dramatically increase your daily water intake.

Q: Kidney infection/kidney stone symptoms?
My wife thinks she may have either a kidney infection or a kidney stone. I don’t know what makes her think that other than she’s in pain. What are the symptoms of each? Thanks.

A: Hi. Some symptoms of a UTI or kidney infection are frequent urination with small amounts of urine, burning with urination, dark yellow and cloudy urine. If she has a kidney stone she would have pain in her back just below her breast area. She may also see blood in her urine for both. Also, a kidney stone can cause a UTI. She should go to the ER to get a CT scan to check it out for sure. If not either of them, it may be musculoskeletal.

Q: Kidney infection?
My mom’s back is hurting bad. It’s been that way for about two days. She doesn’t really have any of the symptoms of kidney infection but should she check it out anyway? She’s been laying around a lot since she watches my baby cousin. She thinks that could be a cause too. I told her to go to the doctor. What is everyone’s advise?
It doesn’t hurt her to urinate or anything and she doesn’t have a fever. She’s constantly moving it seems when she’s not watching my cousin three days out of the week. She cleans banks at night and she’s in pretty good shape. But it could be a pulled muscle. If it still hurts tomorrow I’m going to make her go to the doctor. Thanks for the advice everyone.

A: Better safe than sorry. Go to the doctor.

Q: Can a detoxification mimic all the symptoms of a serious kidney infection.?
I have been following a mainly vegetarian dietary lifestyle for the past 4 months and have felt wonderful. For the past 2 weeks I have been very ill with fever, severe back pain (kidneys) and muscle spasms. The symptoms are on and off again every 2 to 3 days. CT scan is normal. WBC fluctuates. Could this be a deep level detox due to my dietary changes?

A: Not to be too rude but you should have your primary care take hold of that question. We are not all doctors here and common sense does dictate sometimes. I take into consideration you may be looking for someone who has had the same.
If any consolation to be given; try looking for a diet/health forum.

Q: Symptoms of kidney infection?
what are the symptoms of kidney infection?
what are the precautions to be taken a?
Is related to sex. If it is related to sex then how it is infected?
can it be because of not having sex from long time?
she is 42
urgent response

A: Most common is pain in mid to lower back generally isolated to one side.

Frequent and or burning urination is another sign generally. Also darker urine sometimes because there is blood in the urine.

I know that it can come from simple things like drinking WAY too much soda.

Some things that help relieve it- flushing system with cranberry juice or juices which contain cranberry juice and water. Also you can buy otc meds called AZO which helps a lot too.

She really should see a doctor to confirm the condition and to make sure she does not have a kidney stone. That is very painful.

Q: What are the symptoms for a kidney infection?

A: Fever
Frequent urination
Painful urination
Cloudy urine
Hematuria (blood in the urine)
Lower Back Pain

Q: What does a kidney infection feel like, symptoms.?

A: At first, it is a constant nagging pain in your lower back on one or both sides. As it gets very bad, it feels like someone is driving a white-hot knife into your lower back, on one side or the other. At it’s worst point, you may not be able to stand or walk. Also, I have never had a bladder infection or urinary tract infection, so those symptoms don’t necessarily come first. The first symptom I had was kidney pain.

(Your kidneys are not in your stomach area, they are in your back. If your feel where your hip bones are, your kidneys are in the same place in your back.)

Q: What are symptoms for bladder or kidney infection or stones?

A: Frequent urination. Pain in the groin area . Or pain in the lower back. It varies.

When kidney infections or bladder infections are present, the symptoms will usually be low back pain that is poorly localized. A urine test can be done by the doctor, however a simple at home test to identify kidney infection symptoms vs. bladder infection symptoms is to have someone (or yourself) lightly “tap” (with a closed fist) on either side of the spine below the rib cage. If a sharp shooting pain can be felt that “shoots” toward the front of the body, it is very possible your kidney is involved. A urine test is necessary to diagnose an infection or indicate whether another problem may exist confirming bladder problems such as bladder stones, however it can not diagnose kidney cancer. When protein or blood is found in your urine test, it may indicate kidney infections, kidney cancer or possibly bladder problems such as bladder stones or bladder tumors. It is common for a person to have no symptoms of bladder cancer and still have bladder tumors present. Kidney cancer symptoms however include pain and a mass that can be felt indicating kidney tumors may be present. Kidney disease symptoms such as pain or pressure are also very common with kidney infections due to inflammation.

Go to this website for full info:


Q: Is it possible to have a bladder infection or kidney infection with no symptoms??

A: OH yea, if you think you have one gent the doctor soon don’t wait for the PAIN to set in.

Q: Symptoms associated with kidney infection?
Roughly two hours ago my parents went to the emergency room due to my dad’s sudden kidney pain.

He had a temperature of ~101.9 degrees when we left, and was complaining of pain in his right flank. He was aching and apperantly had a headache in an isolated area of his head.

My dad has had quite a few kidney stones in his time; some very bad. But this strikes me as odd, mainly because of the high fever and headache.

Can anyone offer me insight on what this could possibly be? Does this even sound like a kidney infection?

A: Your Dad has infection symptoms in this case in his urinary system ( kidneys, ureters , bladder and urethra). Fever is the first symptom of an infection and when it comes from a kidney infection the patient feel pain in one flank, can feel nauseous or have vomit and there is a big pain while urinating ( called disuria). The doctor will order some blood tests to see if the infection has spreaded to the rest of the body and a urine test to see if there is blood in the urine ( in case of stones) and how big the infection is. Your father maybe will need an ultrasound study and/or a Tomography. After that he will received the most appropriate treatment.

Q: common symptoms = kidney infection, UTI or pregnant?
2 years ago, I had a fever for about a week, went to the hospital and was told it was a kidney infection, got iv antibiotics and was okay.

I had a slight fever a few days ago, on and off, and frequent urination, a daily headache on my left side by my eye, felt dizzy and nauseous on and off. thought it might be a recurring kidney problem. Bought a pregnancy test and a UTI detection test, both came out negative. My menstrual period was 2 weeks ago, but very light and short.

Now fever has been gone, still a constant dull headache, and now I feel pinching by my pelvic area. I looked up on a female body chart, and the pinching could be either my fallopian tubes or my bladder, its been mildly pinching separately on both sides and the middle at different times. Im also light sensitive, I wear sunglasses to alleviate the glare.

What could it be?

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Q: What the symptoms of a kidney infection?

A: If you have a kidney infection your lower back is usually very tender and may hurt alittle bit to the touch. Also, your urine may be slighty darker and smell stronger. You could also have a burning sensation during going to the bathroom. The best thing to do is call your doctor and drink plenty of Cranberry juice. I work in a hospital and see this all the time. I hope this helps you out!

Q: Kidney Infection?
I have moderate pain on my left side. Back and front. Hurts worse when i pee.

What are the symptoms of a kidney infection?
Does it sound like I have one?
I do not have any insurance!!!!! Not much money either.

A: lower back pain, preasure in the back and in the stomach groin area. Feeling you have to pee all the time but when you try to go not much happens. Pain and burning when you do pee, if it is in the kidneys and if it gets bad enough there could be a small amount of blood in the urine. Urine can feel very very hot and have a stronger odor to it and look cloudy and darker in color. If you feel any of this you need to see a doctor, until you can get in the office drink alot of cranberry juice and that will help flush out the kidneys and bladder and ease the pain some.

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