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lower abdominal pain

A: I am 6 wks 4 days and I’ve had cramps for about a week and a half at least. Actually went into the ER doctor about a week ago because they were so bad (but I think I freaked out a bit too- as this is my first pregnany). Went in for a scan a few days later and doctor said everything was fine. If you’re not bleeding I wouldn’t worry too much- Take some Tylenol (no Ibuprofen). Also- I was even spotting, mostly brownish/pinkish and the doctor said that was even normal. They also told me that if you are having pain on one side (although I know you said you aren’t) that it could be from the ovary you conceived off of. Just relax, the stress made mine worse I think and after the doctor did the scan and told me I was ok- I’ve felt quite a bit better. Also, drink lots of water and stay hydrated and rest. Congrats and good luck! Since we’re about on the same week, email me if you have any other questions! Have fun- hope you feel better

Q: I am 39.5 weeks along and this morning am experiencing lower abdominal pain. Could this be the start of labor?
The pain at times feels like sharp twinges, but it is not constant. My uterus does NOT feel like it is contracting. But are these pains/cramping an early sign of labor? (The pain is in my lower abdominal area but is also reaching down to my vagina) Thanks.

A: Sounds like you’re getting ready to start labor…YAY!!!
I had the same thing. Except I didn’t realize I had start labor until I was driving home from the store and the pain was longer than normal and I decided to time the pains.
My uterus didn’t really feel like it was contracting too much, it was more of the pain that radiated from the back to the front for me. I didn’t realize it was tightening until I put my hand on my stomach and I FELT it get tight.
But you probably are going to the doc every week now, so I would as them.

Q: What could be causing my 5 year old little girl’s lower abdominal pain?
She has been complaining of lower abdominal pain on and off all day today and it is starting to worry me. It’s tough with kids because its hard to tell if they are really in pain or not so much. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

A: This could be gas or possibly a UTI. Take her to her Dr.

Q: My cousin is 11 weeks, 2 days pregnant. Is it abnormal to experience lower abdominal sharp pain on one side?
11 weeks, 2 days pregnant. Experiencing bad sharp lower abdominal pain on one side. No cramping, nor bleeding. Just that sharp irritating pain.

A: If she has had an ultrasound and they know the pregnancy is in the uterus than it is likely just muscles & ligaments stretching. If she has not had an ultrasound she should probably see the doctor to be sure. At any rate it never hurts to call and ask that is what they are there for:)

Q: Lower abdominal pain in the beginning of your second month of pregnacy, What can cause it?
Ok, so I am having lower abdominal pain and it hurts really bad when I move. What could be the cause? I dont think it is cramping. Any ideas? Please help. Thanks in advance!

A: I had this with a couple of pregnancies. My doctor said there is a ligament or muscle that runs from hip to hip across the lower belly and sometimes just the pressure of a baby or uterus on it can cause pain. If it continues, I would advice a maternity belt which helps support your belly as you get further along. Also, if this is your first, sometimes the first one is painful because these muscles haven’t been used in this way before. Hope all goes well. Good luck.

Q: what is cauding my severe lower abdominal pain?
this has happened several times now, where after a sudden urge to use the loo has triggered a sudden lower abdominal pain which is so severe i have been rolling around on the floor, sweating, thirsty, and hyperventilating. this lasts for about 3/4 hr and then eases, but i am left with a very tender abdomon which lasts for hours and feels that it could start again at any moment. the pain is central and feels like a gyny type pain. Any ideas?

A: Hey, I’m NOT a Dr. but how about checking out a Urologist or a Gastroenterologist? Both are good Doctors in their own fields of expertise so look up in the phonebook for each one of these Doctors, tell them your problems and see what they say or there is always the Emergency Room in the closest hospital.

Good Luck.

Q: After I masturbate I get gas a headache lower abdominal pain I also feel fatigued for a day or 2 any ideas?
I’m 16 years old male and for quite awhile now I’ve noticed that after I masturbate I get gas lower abdominal pain a headache and feel fatigued for a day or two afterwords. Also I don’t know if this is related but I wake up frequently to use the bathroom at night. Any ideas why this might be happening or what I could do would be helpful.

A: it could be a number of reason from bladder infection too stress or nerves .so it would be best for you too visit your doctor and let him send you for some test. the sooner you make an appointment the sooner you will know the cause and get proper medication for it .it really sounds like your bladder if it bothers you that much as it is the weekend go too the emergency room

Q: During sex recently I have begun to feel intense lower abdominal pain that sometimes lasts for days.?
My boyfriend and I have had a monogamous sexual relationship for over 4 years and recently like the past 6 months I have been experiencing severe lower abdominal pain during sex that sometimes lasts for days at a time. I found out that I had an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. COuld that be the source of the pain?

A: That sounds like it could be your answer, or he could be hitting your cervix located inside of the vagina. (This part dialates when you give birth…And contractions hurt!) If you are having sex missionary, try a few different positions so that your cervix is out of harms way. Try doggy style, or laying down on your stomach with your boyfriend on top.

Q: Lower abdominal pain caused by lifting toddler?
I have been experiencing a dull pain in my lower abdomen for a day or two at a time for several months now. The pain is the worst in the morning. I have not changed my diet, nor has any of my female cycles changed or been irregular- the only thing I can think of is my nephew who I babysit. Hes quite heavy (40 lbs about – and I’m 20 years old and 120 lbs) and I sometimes lift him, for example yesterday he threw a tantrum and I lifted him up and he proceeded to struggle with me and kick me, today I woke up with the pain again- my question is this- can this kind of lower abdominal pain be cause by lifting a heavy child and/or the kicking, even though i don’t have any back pain?

A: You could just be reaggravating a strained muscle, or I’m sorry to say, you may have a slight herniation. Go to the doctor and mention the possibility and see if they’ll take a look. It may be nothing, but if it is a herniation, the sooner you know, the less damage you’ll do yourself, and they may have to fix it!

Q: Lower abdominal pain and some other things?
I have been having lower abdominal pain , tender breasts , I have been using the bathroom like every 20 minutes , I haven’t started my period and I have also lost 10 Ibs in two days. What I was wondering is if these are signs of pregnancy? Cause I really need to know.

A: I def. had all of those symptoms when I became pregnant, all three times, however each woman is different.
If your period is late, you should be able to test accurately positive/negative for pregnancy.
If you’re going through anything stressful or if you’ve been extra active, that can also delay your period and kinda make your body ache.
I would try taking a preg. test, just in case.

Q: I am worried about the severe lower abdominal pain i felt since yesterday.?
My lower abdomen is painful, I can not even walk straight, talk loud or anything that would connect to my abdomen. I have fever of 39.1 degrees celsius, it’s on and off. I took paracetamol and other pain reliever, but it seems there is no effect to my abdominal pain. I am already finished with my monthly period just a week ago.

A: see a doctor

Q: i have upper abdominal pain with both kidney and lower back pain.can anyone tell me about my disease?
from 15 days i have upper abdominal pain but sometime lower abdominal pain,and also lower back pain,what should i do?
i have been tested my urine but all it is clear.

A: We can’t tell you what this is but I would suggest that you ask your doctor for a CT scan of your abdomen. This could help the doctorsnarrow down what it could be, seriously, it could be a million things……Get some more tests done and let us know…

Good luck,

Q: Is it normal to get lower abdominal pain in the first few weeks of being pregnant?
I have only just found out i am pregnant and sometimes get lower abdominal pain.

A: if it feels like period cramps then yes this is perfectly normal

Q: Possible causes for lower abdominal pain?
I have been having some lower abdominal, it could almost be considered pelvic, pain for the last couple of days. I don’t feel sick, no vomiting or diahrea, but a lot of pain. It isn’t continuous, just comes on sporadically and rather suddenly. I haven’t seen a doctor yet as I am living ina foreign country and don’t speak the language. I am just wondering what it could possibly be.

A: maybe your just not defecating that often. increase your fluid and fiber. if the pain is not tolerable seek for a doctor even in a foreign country. laboratory results are enough to diagnose you even if you cant talk the language

stay healthy

Q: any answers for lower abdominal pain along with lower back pain?
for a couple of days now i have experienced lower abdominal pain. It feels like a steady cramp(and not time of month). This cramp is constant. I also have lower back pain, not extreme but i can feel discomfort. Its feels like the two pains somehow tie in together. When i stand up not fast just normal i tend to get light headed where my vision becomes blured then comes back after a few seconds. I wonder if this all ties together or if anyone has any answers.

A: you may want to call the dr.
it could be a ovarian cyst.
the pain is dull/sometimes sharp, travels around to your back and sometimes down your leg.

when you go from sitting to standing you can cause a drop in your blood pressure. i think everyone experiences this at some time in their life. everything will go black and you have this “massive throbbing in your head” and it all lasts for about 10 seconds…

i wouldnt think that the 2 are somehow tied together

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