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pain in left arm

A: Chest pain should always be taken seriously.If you are not allergic I would take 300mg of Aspirin (to thin any clots).Take your GTN and Call an ambulance … It is safer to get to the ED by ambulance then arrest in the back of a car. The quicker you get to hospital the better your chances of survival. You may need a clot buster. At any rate you will need an ecg, blood test (for cell damage), oxygen, pain relief and review by Cardiologist. You may only have angina however remain nil by mouth as a coronary angiogram/plasty or other surgical procedure may be decided. Also lay semi upright and have some one do the calling. The less energy used the more oxygen supplied to your heart. Alison S.

Q: For the last 2 weeks i cant sleep at night because of pain in my left arm.?
For the last 2 weeks i cant sleep at night because of pain in my left arm. I tried to switch positions, but then my right arm goes numb, and in pain. LEft arm goes numb, dull pain in the shoulder, sometimes in elbow. I have EMG test scheduled next week, but i was wondering if you have experienced something like this. I also feel dizzy during the day, had a headache…. what can it be….

A: That sounds like stress. People can get dizzy and headache-y when they’re stressed, because the muscles at the base of the neck get tight. When that happens, you can get knock-on pain (or referred pain) which could easily affect one arm but not the other.

It sounds like it’s a good idea to talk to the Dr and get it checked out properly (def. go for your EMG), but in the interim you may find that de-stressing would help you to ease the pain. Try yoga or swimming, whatever helps you to feel properly relaxed, and if you can afford it you may benefit from getting a back and shoulder massage to loosen out the muscles that are tense and knotted.

And if you are feeling stressed, make sure you take action to learn to deal with it, by seeing a counsellor or learning yoga-type breathing exercises.

Take care, and take it easy.

Q: Pain in left arm which starts at the tip of my shoulder?
I have been getting this pain in my left arm which is only on my upper arm to the front. If I press just at the top of my arm near the shoulder it is sore. I cannot lift my arm at all as it is too painful. This began around 4 weeks ago it eases a little then gets really sore again. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what it could be. I did not hurt it in any way I just noticed the pain one day.

A: You may have a pinched nerve. This can happen in the shoulder or elbow. You can try seeing a chiropracter to adjust your shoulder, or go to a licensed massage therapist and tell them you need a deep tissue treatment on your shoulder and what your symptoms are.

Q: What is the pain my left arm?
When I get angry, scared, or very stressed out/upset, I have pain all in my left arm and upper neck for hours and I can’t calm down. Why is this happening and what could it be? I’ve had some tests done on my heart and it shows that I’m perfectly fine and there’s no problems with it. I’m 27, I am of average weight, I exercise twice a week and work full-time, I dont smoke, I drink socially and I don’t take any medication. But sometimes on my tests it says I have high blood pressure.

A: The stress is causing the pain. There is nothing you can do but try to relax to relieve it. Have you asked your doc about trying an anti-anxiety med to use when you do have these attacks?

Q: pain left arm?
i am having a lot of pain in my body my left arm pains me from elbow down to wrist and last three fingers neck middle pains too
my left nee is very hard to open when i am sitting down my left nipple is sore as if i have a lump there i can feel a very strong pluse in my left arm just above my elbow i was i hosp 2 months ago regarding my heart they siad my heart muscel enlarght but never siad why got an angiogram done all ok every time i go to the doctor they keep on telling me its mustel problems but i dont think so i am sick and tired of the pains and not knowing what it could be male 35 smoker

A: get a second opnion from another doctor, you may have some type of nerve damage in the arm, and try to quite smoking,

Q: pain in left arm, need some advice?
i been getting this pain in my neck for a while in left side on the back of neck. also i got this pain on my top left rib, for which i had ECG & x ray, and it seemed ok.

but recently, i been gettin more pain on back of neck (near back of skull and blower neck), eye pain (antibiotic didnt help), left side of head aches due to ear pain & eye aches.

my left arm: when i touch warm water, arm feels so comfy, but cold makes pain worse in left arm.

what his could be? below is summary:

left back neck – pain
left side of head & eye – aches
left ear – had infection, still not good, but aches, causing head to ache
left arm – pain sometime, warm water helps, but cold makes it worse.


A: suck it up princess

Q: Chest pains..left arm pain..but a few factors:?
For the past 3 days I have had a dull ache in the middle of my chest. I am a 20 year old female, and have also had the feeling like I have trapped gas and need to burp in my throat, accompanied by the feeling of having a large lump in the base of my throat. The pain goes away with tylenol. I have an ache in my left arm, feels like a “puberty ache” (you know, when you’re going through puberty and you would get leg aches? feels like that, but in my left arm, and very, very dull pain.

I have been known to be a hypochondriac, and also have some anxiety issues, but I’ve never had anything like this before. I have a feeling it is nothing, but I have a Dr. appointment in a couple hours just in case.

What do you think?

(Side Note: I’m 20, female, relativley healthy, never had any health problems besides an ear infection or 2. I am a healthy weight,although I am about 20 pounds over what is ideal for me.)

A: those are the signs of an oncoming heart attack but it also could be some sort of pulled muscle. go to the doc for sure tho

Q: What causes left arm pain besides heart attack?
OK I know, you will tell me to get to the ER, but please let me know of any other problems that may cause left arm/chest pain (chest pain, my pain is really in upper shoulder and back).

A: masterbating

Q: Shooting sharp pain down left arm and in stomach?
I get a shooting stabbing pain in my left arm every now and then, its really painful, it sort of hurts and make me want to itch it, like something is happening with my nerves. The pain also stabs in my stomach at the same time. What could this be?
Iv heard it could be something with my apendics

A: I would suggest seeing a doctor….
when i had shooting pain/ pins and needles like pain they diagnosed me with encephalitis (swelling of the brain)
Do you have other symptoms like headache, fever, nausea, and dizziness

Q: What could be causing this weird upper chest/left arm pain?
This has been happening for a few weeks now, lasting only a few seconds each time but today it is happening a lot and lasting a lot longer each time. I have a burning pain about an inch below my left clavicle, in a straight line down from the outer edge of my neck. Usually when I get this pain I can also feel it in my arm in different places but not as strong. I’m not 100% sure but it really feels like a blood vessel to me.
Any ideas?

A: i dont wanna scare you but it may be due to some cardiac problem.
& you are having referred pain in the arm,.
consult a doc as soon as possible

Q: what is the cause of left arm pain after putting a pacemaker?
I am 85 year old.

After I put a pacemaker I have a strong pain in my left arm.
Could you please tell me what is the cause of this problem.


A: Go to a doctor. Now. You could be losing blood flow to that arm or there is a complication with the pacemaker. My mom is a pharmacist and says to get yourself to your doctor or call him as soon as possible!

Q: Pain in left arm joint at the shoulder and left bicep for a female 86 patient is it a stroke sign?
This patient has pre-diabetis, has atrial fillibration and has recently had a pacemaker implant, and she is my mother, so I am really worried. A sound advice is welcome, since she had this pain since 2 hours ago and I already gave her Tylenol arthiris and her pain subsided a little. She has been at the hospital for fast heart beat and this pacemeker implant last December.
Thanks, Jimbo49!
Thanks, Tina

A: I think she should be on beta blockers to regulate her heart beat and anti inflammatory drugs for her arthritis. She could be suffering from stress pains at the moment and needs to relax more. Gentle walks in the fresh air should also help.(supervised)

Q: pain in left arm and sometimes in chest. Could it be heart disease?
I’m a 27 year old mother of three kids, i’m a light smoker and like the occassional drink. I’ve been getting a dull ache in my left arm and sometimes a pain in my chest. I had bloot tests done a few weeks ago and my doc said my triglycerides are high. Could this be related to my chest pain.

A: Nope. Absolutely not. Keep on smoking and drinking. You’re fine. The pain is probably just from taking care of the kids – you know – holding them, cleaning up after them and such.

Q: I am 21 years old and am have a throbbing pain in my left arm all the way to my hand! What is it?
As of late i have been dealing with a very bad arm pain (left) that at first i believed to be muscle. It has been 5 days now and the pain is still there. I have had slight chest pain and pressure in my chest, but not at the same time as my arm pains. I have been checked for the chest pressure and pains, but two seperate ER’s told me that it was non-specific chest pain. I have also had an ekg and a stress test that both confirm a negative for any heart problems. I realize that my age plays a huge role in why i am more then likely not having congestive heart problems, but still i worry about the possibilities. With that said i was also wondering if anyone could tell me the relation between high blood pressure and high cholestrol, if any. Both my blood pressure and cholestrol are well below normal, on a rare exception however my blood pressure does fluctuate to about 159/80 but immedietly goes back to 128/74. Am i right to still believe that my pains are due to some heart trouble
I would also like to add that the chest pains have been around for about 6 to 7 months now. I have been to the ER about 4 times and everytime it has not been my heart that has caused my chest pain. My stress test was a huge negative and I have a regular heart rate, no palpatations or anything. Just the arm pain thing lately

A: This sounds very much like the symptoms a cousin of mine was suffering from. Same chest pains radiating down to her arm. Turned out to be a heart attack. In the beginning, the doctors actually mis- diagnosed her..told her it was acid reflux or some crap like that. so i suggest you go to a doctor and get some more tests..could be something very serious.

Q: im 23, took tylenol 3, 3 days ago for wisdom teeth, having chest pains? left arm pain? very bad??
ok so wednesday morning i had my wisdom teeth out, wednesday evening i took 1 tylenol 3 pill for the pain and got sick instantly from it and still am, puking since wednesday night. i stopped taking them after the first one, and have been having severe chest pain and pain radiating down my left arm since yesterday.. anyone know anything about this?? it hurts badly and im contemplating going to the ER after i call the dentist… i later found out the t-3 has hydrocodone as an active ingredient, which im allergic to in large doses, causes rash, hives, itching, bloating, ect…. anyone know anything?? been here?

A: You should go to the doctor right away. allergic reactions can be deadly. Some allergic reactions can casue the tounge to swell and even cut off air flow through the windpipe. Most allergic reactions are minor, but not at all pleasing. The chest pain could possibly be anxiety form getting worked up about your vomitting reaction from the tylenol 3, which is probably also causing you to be dehydrated. but it’s best just to see a doctor just in case. just stay calm and have someone take you to get checked out. you don’t want to be driving if your syptoms worsen. good luck and i hope your feeling better soon….

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